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See how to choose medicine raw materials

See how to choose medicine raw materials

  Medical raw material pulverized equipment has a crushing host, a cyclone separator, a pulsed dust box, and other partially composed. The material is subjected to a pulverizing chamber by the addition of the federation, which is pulverized by high-speed rotating hardening (belonging to the Welfare Lottery 3D term). The function of the material is transferred from the heart and the dragonht fan. Then, the dust (Draught Fan is discharged, dust (morphology: solid fine particles) enters the pulse dust remover, and is recovered after filtration of the filter cartridge. Materials have a hit high-speed airflow, so that the material is pulverized. Powder having different particles form different centrifugal force in the rotating airflow, and the fine particles discharge from the center padded tube into the collection system, thereby obtaining the finished product of the ideal particle size. Pharmaceutical raw materials pulverized equipment can be set according to the batch of the drug, and some drug specifications are small, maybe (maybe) only hundreds of grams, this also considers the production of production, because the drug is more expensive.

  To try to use smaller devices to increase the collection rate to avoid larger stick losses (LOSS). So select the pharmaceutical raw material crushing equipment to see these aspects:

  1. Testmeasure, the purpose of testing is to see the distribution of the particle size;

  2. To see the operation of the equipment, try to clearly and clear;

  3, see the cleaning of the equipment Easy to easily, there is no dead end;

  4, see the collection rate of materials;

  5, see what problems occur during the shredding process, do the experiment, the more problems, the better, this purchase The equipment will be able to meet the needs;

  6. Look at the feed pressure and pulverization pressure of the pulverization plate, most manufacturers' feed pressure is greater than the crushing pressure, the main reason is afraid to blow, but the crushing pressure is large and crushed. It is best, so try to choose a large pulverization pressure, small feeding pressure, large particle size distribution, more concentrated;

  7, choose only one collection of materials, there are many devices due to technical capabilities, after crushing The material needs two positions to collect materials, which will cause problems with the homogeneity of materials, and the two materials should be carried out after pulverization.Mix, increase the link, so choose only one device for collecting the mouth;

  8, the feed should not use pulse to blow dust, which will affect the distribution of the particle size;

  9, consider the feed mode of the material, there is The feed mode is one of the nozzles of the pulverizing disk nozzle, the diameter of this nozzle is more than other nozzles, so the ability of its ability is greater than other nozzles, resulting in the position of the material and the position of the outlet after the material is closer, resulting in a position The appearance of large particles and the particle size distribution of Terrible.

  Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems. The main applicable pulverization mechanism determines its scope, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc.