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What is the significant use of fiber ultrafine pulverizer?

What is the significant use of fiber ultrafine pulverizer?

  What significant uses have fiber ultrafine pulverizer?

  The company summarizes you. Fiber Ultrafine Crushers As the type and technology of the ultrafine pulverizer, the application field in daily life is also broad. The ultrafine pulverizer utilizes air separation, heavy polishing, and shear, the ultrafine manner is used to achieve a dry material ultrafine pulverized apparatus.

  It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. Common fiber ultrafine pulverities can not only be used to crush her herbs, but also can be used to crush pollen, pearl powder, can achieve very good crushing effect.

  Application advantages of fiber ultrafine pulverizer (explanation: The advantageous situation of the opposite side) has an effective improvement of the traditional extraction process. After the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine comminution (grinding the powder material is grained to the particle size of the micrometer), the contact area of ​​the solvent (gas and solid) is greatly increased, and the fiber ultrafine pulverizer can shorten the extraction time. Improve the effective component transfer rate, save (SPARE) energy (explanation: to provide energy conversion to nature), improve the comprehensive utilization of raw materials, can improve existing dosage form. After the treatment of the fiber ultrafine pulverizer, its particle size is fragmented, and the specific surface area increases, the porosity increases, so that the drug can be better dispersed and improve the utilization. It is better to reserve effective ingredients. For a lot of precious Chinese herbal medicines, the effect of using fiber ultrafine crushers is very good. For example, if you smash Ganoderma lucidum, it can make Ganoderma lucidum effective. Because Ganoderma lucidum contained a rich (AMINO ACID) trace element, these substances can be better effects through the fiber ultrafine pulverizer.

  Therefore, for many precious Chinese herbal medicines, choose the use of a superfine pulverizer to make the efficacy better. It can be seen that the application advantage of fiber ultrafine pulverizer (explained: the advantageous situation of the opponent) is very obvious. As the industry development needs, ultrafine crushing will also become more interesting. Now consumers (consumer) not only pay attention to food safety is also in the food taste. Especially for bakers such as pastries, biscuits, cakes, more delicate tastes are often able to grasp consumer picky taste buds. This requires modern production(Produce) not only pursuing efficient and food safety, but also pays attention to quality. Fiber ultrafine pulverizer as an important model in the field of food equipment, the product's good-bad determination of raw material (Raw Material), fiber ultrafine pulverizer technology is therefore widely used in food processing. The people take food for the sky, and eat; it is related to national livelihood. With the reduction in land resources, food will become a tightening material in this century, and the development of new food resources is a major problem facing humanity. International food industry is recognized, fiber ultrafine crusher technology is one of the top ten food science technology in the 21st century.

  The new technology of food fiber ultrafine pulverizer is one of the technical measures to effectively improve the use of agricultural products. It is an important technical guarantee for solving agricultural increasing production, farmers' income and deep processing of agricultural and sideline products. Fiber ultrafine pulverizer technology is a new comminuted technology developed to adapt to modern technical requirements, which can process raw materials into micrometers or even nanoscale fine powder, already in chemical, food, pesticides, cosmetics, dyes. , Coatings, electronics, aerospace, etc. have been widely used in many fields. Throughout the requirements of modern social production (Produce), the overall development trend of my country's material fiber ultrafine pulverizer technology is a reverse development of low cost, high efficiency, strong control, good dispersibility and stable quality. The equipment is highly technical for each type of ultrafine pulverization (grainab material grinding the particle material to the particle size of the micrometer).