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Crusher's role?

Crusher's role?

  The pulverizer is a mechanical machine that minimizes large sizes to the required size. The pulverizer consists of coarse crushed, fine break, wind conveyance, and the purpose of the pulverizer in the form of high-speed impact. With wind energy, it will be powdered, canceled the traditional screening program. (Procedure). Mainly used in various industries such as mines, building materials. Large crusher (equipment with higher yield under the same crushing fine) is mainly suitable for metallurgy (content: extraction metal or metal compound in ore), building materials, chemical, mines, fast trunk construction, water conservancy and hydropower, fire prevention materials, Crushing and processing of mineral materials such as steel and steel. Small crusher (equipment with lower yield under the same crushing fine) is mainly suitable for material comminution treatment of food, chemical, medical, greening, sanitation, and other industries. The crusher is mainly used in the comminution pretreatment operations in various industries, and its effect is mainly processed to a large diameter of material (5-10 cm) to a small diameter particulate material (5-10 mm diameter). The pulverizer is mainly used in the middle of the various industries, and its function is to process the particulate material to a medium-diameter medium to perform subsequent treatment or as a product finished product. The ultrafine pulverizer is mainly used in the ultrafine pulverization homework in most industries. It is the material of the crushing operation to achieve the diameter of the material, mainly used for the raw material of high-end products (Raw Material processing. The type of feed pulverizer can be roughly divided into three types: a roller (GǔN), hammer, blade.

  1, the roller (GǔN) type feed pulverizer is the pulverization of hard materials, which is generally the first step of pulverizing the production of powdery feed, has high production capacity, power (megadownload How much) is low, convenient for adjustment.

  2, the hammer sheet feed pulverizer is a mechanical equipment (consisting: driving device, transmission, etc.), which is a mechanical equipment (consisting: driving device, transmission, etc.), which is used in the crushing warehouse, and has a simple structure, and is available. High Characteristics of EffICIENCY.

  3, the blade feed pulverizer, is a pulverized feed apparatus for cutting the material using the blade group in the pulverized warehouse, which is small, high pulverized fineness and high yield. Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, ventilationThe unit is a set of pulverization systems. The main applicable pulverization mechanism determines its scope, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc.