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How does the airflow milling machine make the superhard material?

  Inert gas protective gas flow grinding isolate oxygen. Before the equipment is started, the air in the closed circulation system is started, and the air is closed, and the discharge system can be replaced with a small amount of air brought by the addition and discharge process, and maintains the content of the system in the system. In the process, the oxygen content tester continuously monitors the oxygen content in the airflow, and nitrogen is supplemented immediately when it exceeds some extent, so that the oxygen content is always maintained within the safety production standard.

  In the important fields such as chemical, construction, power plants, ore, coal, the use of ultrafine pulverized equipment, but with the improvement of production requirements, many super hard materials use traditional super The fine crushing equipment can not satisfy its particle size requirements. At this time, as a well-known darling in the ultrafine pulverized equipment, the airflow pulverizer stands out, it is increasingly used in these fields, and below is from Xiaobian to answer the airflow. The pulverizer is how the pulverization classification of superhard materials.

  Airflow pulverizer uses ultrafine ultra-fine pulverizer high-speed airflow to accelerate the material to ultrasonic speed to collide with each other in the intersection of the nozzle, the fluidized bed gas flow pulverizer is to use multiple relative The arranged nozzle forms a high speed airflow to achieve ultrafine pulverization. The crushed material enters the grading chamber with the rising airflow. Since the grading rotor is high-speed rotation, the particles are subjected to the centrifugal force generated by the hierarchical rotor, and the center of heart is generated by the viscous effect of the airflow. When the centrifugal force of the particles is greater than the heart force, that is, the fractional particle diameter The coarse particles return to the pulverizing chamber to continue the impact, fine particles flow into the cyclone separator, collectors, and the gas is discharged from the air.

  Airflow pulverizer equipment features:

  1, green environmental protection: low temperature without medium smashing, ensuring high purity and physical characteristics of the product. The equipment runs no dust pollution in a negative pressure state.

  2, high efficiency: The full use of jet can increase the pulverization efficiency than the traditional airflow pulverizer pulverizer, and the grading accuracy is higher.

  3, the equipment wear is small: "fluidized bed + vertical classification machine" can be highly pure, ultra-narrowly machined ultrafine powder, avoiding the wear of "fluidized bed + horizontal grading machine" grading part The service life of the equipment is easy to load under the same material is 20 times the international similar product. The wear is extremely small, especially for ultrafine pulverization of high purity high hardness materials.

  4, high yield: when producing a product of particle size distributionThe yield is more than one-fold more than the traditional, fluidized bed gas generator.

  5, multi-purpose: one machine, can be used as a crusher can also be used as a grader. Small granularity is wide, and the product particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted within 1-74um.

  6, intelligent: equipment can achieve all automatic control, simple operation, stable operation, excellent production environment.

  7, design is reasonable: the equipment is compact, there is no stock in the main unit, no dead angle, easy to remove and dismiss, disinfect, and replace the crushing materials.

  8, the entire system adopts automation control, which can realize a one-button start and stop, and the operation is simple and convenient and the central control can be remotely controlled.

  From the above, the airflow pulverizer is different from the traditional equipment using a hammer head, a blade, and the like to cause the raw material to be pulverized by external force, but use the pulverization method that mutagege into the raw material particles to achieve the crushing purpose, this way The higher the hardness, the higher of the raw material, and less in contact with the equipment during the crushing process, thereby reducing the wear of the equipment and ensures the pureness of the raw material.

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