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What is the advantages of ultrafine crusher?

What is the advantages of ultrafine crusher?

  The ultrafine pulverizer has a huge irreplaceable in the pharmaceutical industry (with a substance instead of another substance (more power to replace the weakness of the weak), what is the ultrafine pulverizer? Advantage? The company summarizes the three advantages below the ultrafine pulverizer:

  1. The material used by the low ultra-fine pulverizer is stainless steel (stainless acid steel), so no matter how long it is used, it will not rust. This is also to ensure safety hygiene. When producing products, the process adopted is fully enclosed, so there will be no special structure: capsular, flagella, fungus, does not have dust (morphology: solid particles). There will be no loss. Second, the temperature (Temperature) is low according to the requirements of the customer (Produce). Its temperature will not exceed 50 degrees, minimum can reach minimum of 35 degrees. Therefore, if the temperature is required, then a low temperature system can be equipped. Third, the applicability is very suitable for the suitability of the ultra-fine pulverizer. Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems.

  The main applicable pulverization mechanism determines its scope, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc. Any material can be used. For the fabric such as pollen, it has the ability to break the cell wall, and the chance to break is as high as 90%. In the process of working, the ultrafine pulverizer can add water, add alcohol to these liquids. Its application field is very wide, no matter which drugs are applicable. For example, animal medicines, minerals, etc.