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Talking about the advantages of ceramic lining airflow pulverizer

Talking about the advantages of ceramic lining airflow pulverizer

  Ceramic (raw material: non-metallic mineral) liner airflow pulverizer is mainly composed of a feed apparatus, a pulverizing chamber, a discharge opening, a vapor distribution tube, and a nozzle. It is based on the physical properties and finished purity requirements of the material, in the equipment internal lining ceramic sheet (action: for a few bed cabinets for a table, increase wear resistance, reduce the impact of the material to the equipment, increase the use of the equipment And accurately control the iron content of the material in the pulverization. Successfully solved a series of problems such as battery material adhesion, not fine, and unsteady. Ceramics (raw materials: non-metallic mineral) liner airflow pulverizer has the following performance advantages (explanation: the advantageous situation of the opposite side):

  1, suitable for high hardness (hardness), high purity, and high value-of-value materials.

  2 Any adjustment between microns.

  3. During the pulverization process, the gas flow temperature is reduced due to the sharp expansion of the airflow, which is particularly suitable for the thermal sensitivity, low melting point and the volatile material.

  4, the material collides with each other, is different from mechanical pulverization relies on blades or hammer, etc. High purity.

  5, can be used in series with a multi-stage airflow classifier, a product of multiple particle size sections at a time.

  6, ceramic (raw material: non-metallic mineral) liner airflow pulverizer equipment (CRUSHER) compact, disassembly and cleaning, the inner wall is smooth without dead angles.

  7, complete system full negative pressure closed operation, no dust (morphology: solid particles), noise (decibel (DB)) low, production process is clean and environmentally friendly.

  8, the dust collector is adopted;; dedicated anti-adhesive dust collector technology, eliminating problems with low negative pressure, and adhesive machines. Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems.

  The main applicable pulverization mechanism determines its application range, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powderThe end is equal.