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Airflow pulverizer is an indispensable equipment for lithium cobaltate

  Shandong ALPA custom production gas flow is widely used in chemical, abrasive, ceramics, environmental protection, new materials, new energy, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, powder metallurgy, battery materials, etc., high purity and high hardness dry materials Ultrafine pulverized grading segmentation.In the lithium ion battery, the positive electrode production is its most important part, but also the key to determining the performance of the lithium ion battery. Lithium cobaltate, lithium phosphate and lithium iron phosphate as a positive electrode material has been widely used. Among them, lithium cobaltate has a 3.7V average output voltage, up to 140 mAh / g of energy density, and has the advantage of good cycle performance and thermal stability, such that lithium cobaltate is considered to be the most potentially high voltage battery positive material. The preparation processing of lithium cobaltate is also related to the quality of the subsequent product, which is especially important for the selection of ultrafine pulverized grading equipment in lithium cobaltate.

  Ultrafine pulverization is an essential one is an essential of lithium cobalt acid, and the backend equipment for all processing procedures, which has an important effect on the quality of lithium cobalt chipic acid. Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is usually used by the ultra-fine pulverization of lithium cobaltate. It usually uses the gas flow pulverizer to make the finished product have the characteristics of particle size, uniform particle size distribution, good dispersibility, no pollution. . At present, the airflow pulverizer has also become a common processing method for lithium cobaltate. Lithium cobalt-cobalt-fluentic acid flow pulverizer equipment characteristics:

  Ø Have plasticity, the granular morphology, excellent granularity, excellent finished particle shape, can be used for different material characteristics and requirements.

  Ø The distribution of the material is narrow, and the finished product has a high density.

  Ø The flour is low, the finished product is more than 96%.

  Ø The internal liner is abrasion resistant, the equipment is small, and the purity of the finished product is high.

  Ø Adopt frequency converter accurate control, material fineness can be adjusted at 0.5-100 UM.

  Ø Full negative pressure operation, low noise, no dust pollution.

  The lithium cobalt-cobalt gas flow pulverizer is also suitable for lithium electrode material: iron phosphate, lithium iron phosphate, three-dimensional material, lithium manganese acid, lithium nickel-manganese acid, lithium carbonate, lithium oxide, oxalate and other dry powder Crushing, dispersion and particle shaping of type materials.

  If the product is quality problems, the repair, replacement, and retreats "three packsTerms ", the equipment warranty period from the date of the unit adjustment test, customers enjoy the" warranty service "of the whole machine with the invoice and warranty certificate. The equipment in the warranty period is in normal use, maintenance of the quality of the unit itself The costs produced are borne by AlPa, except for human damage and except for the loss.