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MQW Small Airflow Crushers highlights in these areas

  Shandong AlPa Powder Technology has laminated two years, successfully completed the special ceramic vertical grading wheel of lithium-electric positive electrode materials with a diameter of 600. Can be used with airflow classifiers. Compare the "ceramic horizontal grading wheel", successfully solved a series of problems such as adhesion, not fine, and unsteady. Shandong ALPA-developed lithium-eM positive material special ceramic vertical grading wheel can strictly control the iron content during operation, the grading is accurate, and the finished product is freely adjusted.

  Shandong Erfa production MQW small airflow pulverizer is a crushing equipment specializing in colleges, small processing enterprises and laboratories, with equipment machine, small granularity, no pollution, no pollution, Simple operation, At present, Shandong Erpai MQW Small Air Flow Crusher at Chengdu University of Technology, Southwest University of Science and Technology, China Nuclear Industry Physics Research, China Technical Industry Xi'an 213, Guangzhou Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute, Jilin University, Xi'an University of Architectural Science and Technology, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing Mining Research Center, Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Oriental Tantasy, Lanzhou University, Southwest Petroleum University, Xi'an Yuanfei Aviation Technology, Nanjing University, Inner Mongolia Ministry of Technology, Central South University and other domestic colleges and universities, scientific research units smoothly.

  The principle of pulverization and large equipment of the MQW small airflow mill is all from the high-speed airflow, allowing the particles of the material to impart, friction, cut, and cut off. Objective, this pulverization mechanism does not warm during the entire comminution, so it is suitable for thermal materials. In addition, the MQW small airflow pulverizer is also outstanding in the following areas.

  1. Battery material: lithium cobaltate, cobalt oxide, lithium manganese acid, manganese dioxide, nickellate, lithium nickel-manganese acid, lithium carbonate, lithium carbonate, lithium iron phosphate, three-dimensional material, natural graphite, artificial graphite, Asphalt rock, lithium hydroxide, tetrashydoxide, oxalate, iron phosphate, toner, etc.

  2. High hardness materials: silicon carbide, various corundum, carbide, alumina, zirconia, garnet, zircon sand, diamond, etc.

  3. Non-metallic mine: quartz, graphite, kaolin, carbonized calcium, mica, heavy crystal stone, mullite, wheat stone, silica bitcite, talc powder, leaf stone, etc.

  4. Chemical: aluminum hydroxide, catalyst, various dyes, epoxy resins, various additivesWait.

  5. Other materials: ceramic materials, refractory materials, electronic materials, magnetic materials, rare earth materials, phosphors, copying materials, etc.

  Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various ultrafine pulverizing machines and classifiers. One of the MQW small airflow pulverizer is one of them, and the company also produces special crushers and graders for various materials, such as: diamond pulverization grader, positive electrode material pulverization grade machine, negative material pulverization grade machine, abrasive special pulverization changing machine , Powder metallurgy inert gas protection grading machine, rare earth polishing material pulverization machine, etc. Welcome users to inquire, consultation phone: 13061397961

  The powder equipment industry is an eternal industry coexisting with humans, science and technology It is an important factor in promoting the development of the powder equipment industry and an important force. ALPA powder technology gives full play to the company's research and development strength, relying on the strength of science and technology, innovative design high-efficiency airflow crusher powder equipment breaks through the technical barrier, successfully obtained the national utility model patent . In the future, AlPA Powder Technology will produce more cleaner and discharged airflow powder powder equipment, further promotion to advocate energy-saving and emission reduction, improve the ecological environment.