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Different raw materials should choose what configuration of airflow crusher you know

  Inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier The entire production line is running through full enclosed negative pressure cycle, most of which use PLC programming control, minimizing people as operating and controlling factors, can be placed in a separate control room, packaging The automatic packaging machine is used, and the on-site observation uses the monitoring probe, which can be completely unattended.

  Airflow pulverizer can be used in dry, high purity, low temperature, etc., is widely used in chemical, mining, abrasive, battery materials, refractories, and non-residential materials. Metal mine, metallurgy, building materials, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, feed, new materials, environmental protection and other industries and ultra-fine pulverization, dissipation and particle shape of various dry powder materials. It can be said that the airflow pulverizer encompasses all applications, so we need a comprehensive understanding of it when choosing to purchase the airflow crusher to avoid unnecessary damage to the wrong model.

  There are currently many customers who have not fully understood in the purchase of airflow crushers, and they will perform a variety of various sources in the process of use. Regarding the problem of airflow pulverizer, the most important thing is that this crusher device can help us solve the demand? Many customers have bought the equipment after they have wanted, especially for companies that have just contacted the crusher equipment industry, I will mention some suggestions to provide companies who have a crusher equipment with ideas. Some negligible help!

  First, we need to understand what is the airflow crusher equipment? Of course, the Baidu, 360, etc. we often use several search engines are introduced to the pulverizer. It is indeed: the pulverizer is a mechanical machine to smash the large-sized solid feedstock to the required dimensions. The flat airflow pulverizer is simple, easy to manufacture due to the flattening chamber structure of the flat airflow pulverizer, so it is widely used. Structure: Mainly composed of a crushing chamber, a nozzle port, an air outlet, a gas flow outlet, a compressed air inlet, a grading area, and the like. Working principle: Transform the compressed air or overheating steam into a high-speed airflow through the nozzle, when the material is fed into the pulverizing chamber by the feeder, a strong impact and dramatic friction make the material into a super fine product. Through the introduction of the pulverizer, everyone should also know the use of the crusher, then the next step is what kind of crusher should we choose??

  The type of airflow pulverizer is very much, like some tough or fibrous materials and large pieces generally use pulverization of some brittle materials for solids, which is generally the external force of this solids; most of the nature The material performs ultrafine pulverization operations to carry out rolled external forces of this solid; further crushing operations after pulverizing operations requires grinding of this solid, mainly for ultrafine pulverized or super large pulverized equipment. The ceramic lining pipe is made of high-tech production process - self-provisional high temperature clutch synthesis method. The tube consists of three layers of corundum ceramics, transition layer, and steel from the inner to the outside, and the ceramic layer is formed in a high temperature of 2,200 ° C (Al2O3) to form a strong bond through the transition layer with the steel pipe.

  Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the design, research and development and manufacturing of airflow crusher. The company specializes in producing airflow pulverizer, impact grinding, grading machine, airflow pulverization changing machine, super fine fractional impact grinding, inert gas protection pulverized grading equipment and other ultrafine super fine powder equipment. Welcome to our company to visit. ALPA7 * 24-hour customer service hotline and 150+ service engineer ready to stand up, production lines can complain about feedback, ALPA will give technical advice within 30 minutes, give back to complaints within 12 hours, A clear solution is available within 24 hours, and the fault site is available within 3 days (foreign 10 days).