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You don't step on these pits - how to choose a lithium battery?

You don't step on these pits - how to choose a lithium battery?

  Pit 1 - Device Selection Today we talk about the pulverization equipment used by lithium-e-commerce industry. So much smashing equipment, what equipment should I use? Hey !! First, of course, it is the airflow pulverizer that comes with BGM! Compared with other crushing equipment, the average particle size of material after gas flow is fine, particle size distribution Side narrow, the surface of the particles is smooth, the particle shape is standardized, the purity is high, the activity is high, the dispersibility is good, the whole system is sealed, dust (morphology: solid particles), low noise, production (Produce) process cleaning and environmental protection, control (Control) The system is controlled by program control, easy to operate, and convenient equipment disassembly and cleaning is compared to the traditional crushing equipment's noise, dust, operation, cleaning, these advantages for the little powder of lazy cancer, just like continued to live. These advantages are also fully compliant with the preparation requirements of the electrode material, and thus widely used. The airflow pulverizer is suitable for high hardness, high-purity material, high hardness, high purity material. Someone will ask Moh's hardness 3.5? What is the concept? Xiaoyan feels that everyone can feel it, it is suitable for hardships! Friendly Tips: Pay attention to protect your teeth, the feeling process is suitable, otherwise ...

  pit 2-- Motitage Selection At present, my country's industrial application of gas flow is mainly several types: flat airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed for spray airflow pulverizer, circulating tube airflow pulverizer, spray air flow pulverizer, target Types of gas flow pulverization machines, while the processing of lithium electrical materials is usually selected from fluidized beds to spray airflow mills. This pulverizer is large, high efficiency, and a basic type of parts failure.) Are small, especially suitable for crushing high-hardness materials. The following is a simple introduction to its working principle, and it is not concerned that the fluidized bed airflow pulverizer is compressed air to accelerate the Lavar nozzle to accelerate the ultrasonic speed of the pulverizer to make the material in fluidization (airflow expansion The fluidized bed is suspended to collide with each other), so each particle has the same motion state. In the pulverization area, the accelerated particles are pulverized with each other in each nozzle. The crushing material is delivered to the hierarchical region, and the fine powder reaching the particle size required by horizontally arranged ranking wheels, and the coarse powder that does not reach the particle size requirement continues to be pulverized. Qualified fine powder enters the high-efficiency cyclonic separator with the airflow to obtain the collected gas, and the dust is discharged into the atmosphere after filtering the dust filter.

  Pit 3 - configuration(deploy) Determine the key points in front!!!! Preoperative !!! This pit should pay special attention, otherwise it is likely to be two empty. Configuration (Deploy) Parameter Crushed Chamber Diameter (M), Crushed Pressure (MPA). Feed pressure (MPa), air intake (m3 / min). Delivery amount (kg / h), air compressor power (megadownload), Material properties, production, etc. need to be used to determine the final parameters through experiments. Remember that this is not like falling in love, the mill is not coming! It affects the main parameters of the graded particle size: the speed of the air grade machine, the amount of addition, secondary air volume, etc. are orthogonal to the grading particle size (Target AIM) orthogonal screening powder hierarchical parameters .

  Material Selecting the material of the lithium battery industry, the material is preferably selected from the material of stainless steel (stainless steel), because the internal and external full mirror polishing, does not produce iron pollution. Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems. The main applicable pulverization mechanism determines its scope, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc. If necessary, you can choose a higher level of material. Medium (substance determined) gas general material uses filtration treated compressed air, such as oxidation, it is necessary to use an inert gas as a power medium to avoid degeneration of materials and air reactions, and increase processing difficulty.

  The inert gas is commonly used in nitrogen, stable, and the cost is relatively low, and a sterile gas source can be used. In addition, certain odorless or toxic materials cannot be used to open a normal open system to avoid odor leakage, affecting the production environment. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate the properties of materials, and technicians to avoid unnecessary losses (LOSS).

  Mechanical equipment (composition: drive, transmission, etc.) is not a toy, any operation is possible (Maybe) is dangerous! Here is some precautions. Be sure to keep in mind during use.

  (1) When the gas flow crusher equipment works, the personnel cannot stand within the range of rotation of the machine to prevent danger or accidents.

  (2) Before the operator is working, wear well according to the regulations.Labor protective products, wearing protective glasses and dust masks to ensure their safety.

  (3) When the gas flow crusher device is not stopped, the cover cannot be opened, and the pulverizer cannot be repaired, or it is cleaned. If needed, then should be done in the downtime.

  (4) After the airflow milling machine is turned on, the operator cannot leave the job, so as to avoid a variety of problems.

  (5) In the operation, the airflow crusher equipment, once an abnormality, it should be downtown immediately, and it is very dangerous to work.

  (6) Operators should operate strictly in accordance with the requirements of the specified requirements, which are strictly prohibited by speeding and super-performance use, which will greatly damage, or even damage the machine equipment.

  (7) Pay attention to regular maintenance equipment, often inspecting the fastening and wear of each component.

  The above is some kind of foolishness of Xiaoyan Jun's selection of airflow crusher, I hope to bring some help to everyone, and in the actual work process, the situation is often much more complicated. At the same time, if there is any problem with the procurement selection of powder equipment, you can contact Xiaolu for consultation.