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Ultrafine pulverized machine unique design and lower crushing temperature

Ultrafine pulverized machine unique design and lower crushing temperature

  The unique design of the ultrafine pulverizer, the grading wheel, the powder particle size (jūn yún) is unique (interpretation: unique, special) classification chamber and variable frequency speed Vertical grading wheel, no configuration (deploy) screen, grading product particle size in low speed; circulating feed structure, both strict limitations of "large particles" and avoid pulverizing, so product particle size distribution narrow Uniform particle size; classifying the graded wheel grading, avoiding 150 mesh powder difficult to screener.

  Ultrafine pulverizer is low, and it is low because of avoiding "crushing". The ultrafine pulverizer utilizes air separation, heavy polishing, and shear, the ultrafine manner is used to achieve a dry material ultrafine pulverized apparatus. It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like.

  The pulverizing chamber does not produce excess heat (Heat). At the same time, the air inlet is provided in the pulverized chamber feed end (which can be connected if necessary). Due to the existence of the ventilation, the temperature of the transition occurs, and the temperature of the cycle is increased by the CONTINUE water jacket in the pulverized casing.

  Fully closed negative pressure, powder does not take any leaks during the pulverization process, no environmental pollution, small noise; rounded design, easy to remove, easy to clean, easy to clean. How to maintain the ultrafine pulverizer:

  1. During the production process, the temperature rise of the bearing must be often inspected, and when the temperature rise exceeds 50 ° C, it should be closed, and the reason is to rule out the fault.

  2, when the new machine is running, the drive belt is easy to elongate, and should pay attention to adjust the appropriate looseness of the belt to ensure the work life of the belt.

  3. If the loss case should be inspected, replace the quality and production of production (Produce) in time.

  4, the blade, the bushing should often check the wear (a basic type of component failure), if wear, productivity decrease (deScend), the granularity is replaced after the particle size is replaced.

  5, host and grading flow bearing (Bearing) is grease lubrication, using 2 special lipids, degrees 265-295.

  6, and Bearing's change in the lipide period of 2000 hours, the amount of grease is filled in the shackle cavity. 1/2 (episodes) or 3/4 (down test) must not fill too muchlyOtherwise, it will cause Temperature.

  7, the spiral feeder has been changed from 4,000 hours, and Cape Calcium (CA) base grease.