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Application of ultrafine pulverizer in veterinary drugs, daily chemical accessories

Application of ultrafine pulverizer in veterinary drugs, daily chemical accessories

  As a new type of high-tech product, the ultrafine pulverizer has achieved significant achievements in the Chinese medicine pharmaceutical industry, and the ultrafine pulverization technology is applied to the cosmetics industry. Reduce the effect of dosage, enhance and expand absorption, improve effect and efficacy. It is mainly used that cell-level fine powder can be absorbed by skin mucosa, and a new way is opened up to further develop traditional Chinese medicine cosmetics. After breaking the wall by ultrafine pulverizer cells, the effectiveness is short, absorbs more sufficient, more comprehensive, and more obvious.

  The cell-breaking crusher is a cell-breaking homogenized operation in which the cells breaking the Chinese herbal medicine cells. After the cell is broken, the internal solvent in the broken cell can be directly contacted the active ingredients of the media, and it can all be directly absorbed by the human body; the drug starting time will be significantly shortened, and the drug to the human body is more comprehensive and intensity. Higher, the absorption will increase, so that the role is more obvious. The cosmetic raw material can be homogenized by a superfine pulverizer.

  The composite and uniformization of the effective components of the Chinese herbal medicine will be absorbed by the human body, which can also enhance the effect of the drug. With the ultrafine pulverizer, some fresh drugs can be made directly into cosmetics.

  You can use a micro-powder machine to put the direct picked cosmetic beauty plant medicinal material, mix, etc., directly for the beauty mask (the mask) is applied to the face; truly make a whole natural, green cosmetics. We can see that with the continuous development of the cosmetics industry, she is more popular with unique (interpretation: unique, special) charm (expressive to people) Or respect); I hope that cosmetics companies should seize this opportunity to carry out product structure adjustments to push professional beauty cosmetics to new clips together with the majority of consumers, beauty services (Organization). The application of the ultrafine pulverizer in the veterinary drug industry has been known as the "flagship of Chinese medicine micro-crushing technology"; Chinese medicine cell grade micro-pulverization technology is an experiment in nearly 10,000 times, The crystallization of the microcanic experience of thousands of Chinese medicine; 200 users actually use results: This technology is mature! The results of Chinese medicine cell level micro-pulverization technical test showed that after the ultra-fine pulverization machine was broken, it can effectively improve the efficacy and bioavailability., Reduce the amount of medication. The international leading (taken here) technology - Chinese medicine micro-pulverization and micro-powder traditional Chinese medicine suspension technology use green (Chinese medicine) veterinary drugs is an effective means of solving drug residues and improving safety.

  Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverizer can improve efficacy and reduce costs, and have been recognized and widely approved by pharmaceutical companies. Experimental Ming: Chuan, windproof and other traditional Chinese medicine micro powder and extracts in equal medication, the effect of Chinese medicine is higher than extract, and the cost is lower than extract. Chinese medicine micro-powder suspension techniques can make traditional medicine microf powder quickly dispersed and suspended in water, effectively solved the drug powder precipitation and the amount of feed drugs, resulting in reduced drug effects. Application example: Production of this suspension technology is produced with veterinary drug suspension, after mixing the finished product to add water, through the automatic water dispenser, the chicken is carried out normally.

  Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems. The main applicable pulverization mechanism determines its scope, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc. The results show that the suspension is stable (explained: stable stability; no change) is good, no solid block, no gambling water pipe, has achieved good results in chicken disease prevention and treatment. As the industry is constantly studying the ultrafine pulverizer, the superiority of the application, the equation of the micro powder has gradually been verified (STEP BY Step), this is bound to bring revolution to the veterinary drug industry. Sexual change!