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Ultrafine pulverizer prevents dust explosion during pulverization

Ultrafine pulverizer prevents dust explosion during pulverization

  The ultrafine pulverizer is suitable for a variety of materials, a variety of working conditions, which is 0.5-5 kg ​​/ h (experimental type); Temperature is room temperature ~ 196 ° C. Both of any fiber, high toughness, high hardness (hardnes) or a certain water rate can be applied. Materials such as high fibers can be pulverized with pulverizing machines; to obtain a finer powder to increase material utilization ( Availability and getting a good fluid powder, prevents the material from deteriorating by pulverizing heat, keeping the color, fragrance, taste, and nutrient constant; prevent dust (morphology: solid particles) in the pulverization process, lowered Noise (decibel (DB)); high pulverization capability of the crusher. Airflow pulverizer and cyclone separator, dust collector, and airplane set into a set of pulverization systems.

  The main applicable pulverization mechanism determines its scope, high finished product, typical materials are: super hard diamond, silicon carbide, metal powder, etc. During the production of ultrafine pulverizer, the temperature of bearing (Temperature) is often inspected, and the cooling bearing is taken in the water tube cooling (cooling) bearing when the temperature rise exceeds 50 ° C. When the temperature rises to 90 ° C, it should be closed, and the cause is found and excluded.

  When the new machine is running, the transmission belt is easy to elongate, pay attention to adjust the appropriate looseness of the belt to ensure the work life of the belt (Lifetime) Vulnerable parts should be checked frequently, timely replacement to ensure production quality and production volume. Blade, to check the wear (a basic type of component failure), if wear, productivity decrease (deScend), granularity change The rough discovery is replaced after wear. Ultrafine pulverization machine improves ultrafine pulverization (granulation of particle material to microscope), and the particle size distribution adjustment control (CONTROL) technology. Currently used to prepare ultraf fine powder Main, Raymond mill, ball mill, ball mill, vibration grind, grinding micro powder machine. With the above pulverization equipment, the D98 granularity is controlled to be controlled, it is necessary to classify equipment, and must be fine. The ultrafine pulverizer is suitable for dry ultra-fine pulverization process, due to high airflow speed, powder

  The body is pulverized in the case of inflate (inflate), which does not heat up, suitable for thermal, low melting point and ultrafine pulverization with volatile materials. Using automation, intelligence (Intelligence) control system, realize the precise control of the pulverization process, ensuring uniform particle size distribution.