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The routine manner of phosphate pulverization is MQW airflow pulverizer

  The problem of ordinary ultra-micro gas flow is: high manufacturing cost, large investment, high energy consumption, too much powder processing, so that it is also subject to certain fields; difficult to make submicron Level products, product particle size is best in 10 um, and the output is sharply decreased at 10 um, and the cost is rapidly rising; the single-machine handling capacity of gas flow is smaller (both less than 1 ton hour, can not adapt to large-scale production needs; Device machining accuracy and material wear problems still plagued equipment manufacturers and major users.

  Phosphate is obtained from phosphorus electric furnace. It is 20-26% containing phosphorus, containing 0.1-6 % Of the symbiotic compound, can change the resistance of steel and chip sex, phosphate is used abroad for phosphorus in the fields of metallurgy, atomic energy, building materials, explosives, oil. In the pulverization of phosphate, the usual model is MQW gas stream. Crusher. At present, the phosphate has become a routine manner with the MQW gas flow pulverizer. Here, it will be a mode of work and characteristics of MQW gas flow pulverizer.

  MQW airflow The working mode of the pulverizer is to form a special nozzle passed through a certain shape through a certain shape of the special nozzle through a certain shape, and a huge kinetic energy can be collided with each other in a closed pulverizing chamber. Make the hardness 1 -10 material is pulverized into ultrafine powder. The size and yield of the desired particulate can be effectively controlled by adjusting the working parameters of the pulverization classifier.MQW gas flow pulverizer has the following features:

  1, Turbo grading The grading of the machine, the particle size distribution is concentrated, and there is no excessive particles in the finished product.

  2, the equipment structure is compact, covering the area is small.

  3, has a variable combination structure, one machine, both use, can be pulverized, It can also be graded separately.

  4, can be multi-stage series, connecting machine configuration 1 ~ 5 class grade machine, product granularity requires a narrow product.

  5, the pulverized particle size is wide, the finished product particle size is in D97 = 3 Any adjustment in the range of ~ 74μm, the model is complete, the output is optional at 5 ~ 1000kg / h.

  6, not warmed, especially suitable for thermal material ultrafine pulverization

  7, contamination, because of crushing The principle is that the material itself collide with, relatively smudged, and the method of blade or ball mill willThe pulverizer is the smallest pulverization process of contamination than the other grinding media.

  8, easy to clean, pulverizer relative to other ultra-fine pulverizer is relatively small, especially the spiral gas flow pulverizer, simple structure, easy to clean, no dead angle.

  MQW type gas flow pulverizer is used in the preparation of the pulverized grading of phosphot, which can produce fine particle size and uniform particle size, good dispersibility, high activity, more in line with the user's needs. For more information on the phosphate gas flow crusher, please continue to pay attention to Shandong Erp.

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