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What are the differences between airflow crusher and impact grinding?

  Inert gas protective gas flow grinding isolate oxygen. Before the equipment is started, the air in the closed circulation system is started, and the air is closed, and the discharge system can be replaced with a small amount of air brought by the addition and discharge process, and maintains the content of the system in the system. In the process, the oxygen content tester continuously monitors the oxygen content in the airflow, and nitrogen is supplemented immediately when it exceeds some extent, so that the oxygen content is always maintained within the safety production standard.As a kind of ultrafine pulverizer, the airflow pulverizer is not only a high technical equipment, but also the main products of each manufacturer. Each manufacturer is vigorously promoting the airflow pulverizer and can be seen in its importance. Some new users understand the channel of the airflow crusher is also limited to network propaganda, leading to the unfair understanding of the awareness, as a senior airflow mill manufacturer, Shandong Erp, I suggest that we will pay attention to our website, we will update the article about the equipment every day. To help you understand more in depth. Today, I still introduce several small knowledge points on the gas current crusher.

  1. Can I use quasi-static pressure?

  Generally, the airflow pulverizer is further pulverized after coarse pulverization, and is quasi-static pressure, which is pulverized to the material, which is mutually pulverized between the materials. Also, it is a good energy-saving effect than the impact pulverization. Therefore, in summary, it is not feasible, because this is two different pulverization methods, there is a certain difference. 2. Horizontal disc airflow pulverizer matches the air compressor? In addition, which dust collector should be used in the air current pulverizer?

  The level of the horizontal disc airflow pulverizer matches the air compressor, and it is necessary to see the specific design parameters from a professional perspective, because it is also a certain relationship with the whirlwind and dust, so, There will be this conclusion. In the airflow pulverizer, the type of the dust collector is a pulse dust collector, because it has a good use effect.

  3. Impact grinding and airflow mill, what is the difference between them?

  Impact grinding and airflow pulverizer, the common point between them is to be crushing this function, and the difference between them is mainly: its economic energy consumption is different, so The granular segment that it can achieve,Also different. Impact grinding, which is generally crude, while the airflow pulverizer is for fine pulverization. However, these two can be used in conjunction with a good crushing effect, while energy saving can also be achieved.

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