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Performance and development direction of fine airflow classifier

  Airflow mill refers to a high-voltage gas generated by high pressure gases, causing material particles to collide with each other, or impacts the material particles and fixing plates to collide with a mechanical apparatus for pulverizing material purposes. Airflow milling can produce multiple particle size products at a time, with high dust intensity, less dust, low noise, convenient maintenance, simple operation, etc., is widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, new materials, food and other industries Product pulveration field.With the development of society, the advancement of the times, the field of industrial production has also changed significantly. If you want the industry, then you will not have a fine airflow classifier, because natural sandstone does not meet our needs, this time you need a fine airflow classifier to help us turn some ore, rare materials into what we need, different The fine airflow classifier can meet our different needs.

  The fine airflow classifier is based on the effects of centrifugation force, gravity, inertial force, etc. according to different particle size particles (usually air), producing different motion trajectories, thereby achieving The grading of different particle diameter particles. The airflow classifier can be divided into static classifiers and dynamic classifiers according to whether it has moving parts. The performance characteristics of the airflow classifier:

  1. The grading machine structure is reasonable, and can produce 1-5 granular products at the same time according to user requirements.

  2, large yield, low energy consumption.

  3, the particle size is concentrated: the machine uses a vertical impeller to classify. Stable grading technology and sealing measures prevent leakage of crude particles, so that there is no large particles, and the particle size is concentrated, and the grading precision is high.

  4. Strong applicability: combination of closed or open portions can be combined with various mill (air current pulverizer, mechanical grinding, ball milling, Raymond mill, vibration, etc.).

  5, high degree of automation: The impeller classifier at all levels is inverter stepless speed.

  The direction of development of fine airflow grading machine:

  1, eddy current air grading machine gradually occupies the market dominance

  The eddy current air grade machine is widely used, and the grading particle size adjustable and adaptation is wide. Applied in industrial fields such as mineral processing, fine chemical, special ceramics, new materials.

  2. Large-scale and refined

  With the expansion of the ultrafine powder market, the production scale is expanded,The demand for large ultra-fine pulverization and fine grading equipment will continue to arrest in ultrafine powder processing, using large equipment to reduce energy consumption, simplifying process and reduction in footprint, thereby reducing equipment investment and production of unit products. cost.

  3 The overall automation level and the core competitiveness of the enterprise are very important. . The spirit, always provides professional crushing, grading equipment.

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