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Use the laboratory airflow classifier to follow these four principles

  With the rapid development of ultrafine powder related industries, it is widely used in fluid bed gas flow grinding in various industries due to their special performance, and it will become an important member of non-metallic industrial machinery. And key research direction.The laboratory airflow classifier is a small processing equipment. In addition to the small yield, the grading accuracy is the same as the large and medium-sized airflow classifier, and the stability is better, and is often applied to the University laboratory. Unit, small processing enterprises, etc., are recognized and favored by many users.

  When the laboratory airflow classifier works, the material that needs to be pulverized from the feed homper from the side of the machine cover, relying on the grinding device suspended on the host plum frame, Whenespot a vertical axis, and itselfself rotates, since the action of centrifugation is rotated, the grinding roller is swing outward, pressing the blazed ring, and the shovel shovel is sent between the mill and the abrasive ring, and the roller is rolling The purpose of crushing the crushing material. The wind-saving process of the laboratory airflow classifier is that the wind is blown into the main casing, blown up the powder, and is selected from the analyzer above the grinding room, and the material is fine. It also falls into the grinding of the grinding chamber, and the wind flows and the wind flow enter the cyclone collector. After collecting the powder, it is the finished product. The wind flow is reflected in the fan in the upper end of the large cyclone collector. The wind path is cycled, and the flow of the circulating wind turntable in the negative pressure state increases the exhaust gas pipeline of the circulating wind turbine and the middle of the mainframe, enter the small cyclone collection Purification processing.

  1. To make the laboratory airflow classifier, the equipment "equipment maintenance safety operation system" can ensure long-term safe operation of the ultrafine milling machine, and there must be necessary maintenance tools and grease and corresponding accessories. .

  2. When the mill of mill the mill is replaced by more than 500 hours, each of the rolling bearings in the roll must be cleaned, and the damper should be replaced in time, and the gas is used to fuel pump and butter gun. .

  3. The laboratory airflow classifier is in the use process, there should be a fixed personnel to take a care, and the operator must have a certain level of technology. Ultrafine mills must make the necessary technical training before installation, making it understand the principles of ultrafine milling machines, familiar with the operating procedures.

  4. Ultrafine gas flow classifier used for a period of timeIt should be repaired, and the wear parts such as the grinding roll mill and the wear parts should be maintained. The grinding roller device should be carefully examined before and after use, see if there is loose phenomenon, and the lubricating oil is added.

  The above is the four principles that need to follow the use of the laboratory airflow grading machine, and the user needs to pay attention to the service life and safe operation of the equipment. More about laboratory airflow classification machine, please pay attention to Shandong Erp.

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