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The hierarchy host of the airflow classifier is the core component

  Airflow milling is super finely pulverized by the active material, which can greatly reduce the dissolution temperature of the active, which is conducive to the retention and transdermal absorption of the activity. If the skin care products have an antibacterial, the incectapy is permeable, and it is necessary to dissolve 2 h at 80 ° C, and if ultrafine pulverization, it is only a few minutes at 80 ° C to dissolve, which greatly maintains antibacterial activity.

  In the modern industry, the raw material required to be powdered has a small and uniform particle size and a higher purity, and the properties of ultrafine raw materials have changed, which makes ordinary materials have a broader application. The range is greatly improved. In this process, the airflow classifier technology has played an important role. It allows the raw material to separate different granular sections after ultrafying, thereby obtaining the particle size of the user's needs, currently, the airflow classifier is chemical, building materials , Metallurgy, electronics, bioengineering, defense and cutting-edge technology have a wide range of applications.

  The airflow classifier is mainly composed of a hierarchical host, a feed system, a cyclone collector, a pulsed dust collector, a guide fan, a control system, auxiliary gas source system, and the like. The important hierarchical hosts in the entire production line are divided into upper body and lower body.

  The body is equipped with a grading wheel, a drive motor, a back rustic sleeve, etc., and the material entering the airflow classifier is mainly in this cavity, and the centrifugal force generated by the vignette of the fan and the centrifugal force generated by the hierarchy rotation.

  The lower body consists of a double pneumatic butterfly valve and a secondary wind system. The pneumatic butterfly valve is a graded crude material discharge channel while playing a flush air flow. The secondary wind system is a hierarchical auxiliary gas stream into the channel, and the appropriate grading auxiliary gas stream can significantly improve the grading efficiency.

  In actual production, different fineness products are obtained mainly through the speed of speed, the air intake of the secondary wind, and the pressure and air of the introduction of the fan. The control of the secondary wind inward is mainly adjusted by adjusting the manual valve opening before the secondary air supply pipe.

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