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Laboratory small airflow pulverizer design is ingenious, suitable for small batch plus

  With the rapid development of ultrafine powder related industries, it is widely used in fluid bed gas flow grinding in various industries due to their special performance, and it will become an important member of non-metallic industrial machinery. And key research direction.In special cases, the processing of certain powder materials does not require too much production. If the general model is used, it will produce excessive fund investment, and the amount of charge is too small. For processing. At this time, it is necessary to use the laboratory small airflow pulverizer, the equipment is the same as the large and medium-sized equipment, but the yield is small, suitable for laboratory and small batch processing.

  The laboratory small airflow pulverizer is composed of a feed opening, a collector tank, a crushing chamber, a high speed motor, etc., using a comminuted blade, high-speed rotation, and is implemented by the form of air gas flow cyclone. Ultrafine pulverized equipment for dry materials. The material is conveyed by the feed device to the host pulverizing cavity, and the material and the high speed rotary device and the particles are impact, collision, friction, shear, and extrusion, ultrafine pulverization. After the pulverized material is conveyed to the impeller grading area, under the action of the grading wheel effort and fan effusion, the coarse powder separation, the qualified fine powder is collected by the cyclone collector, the unqualified powder is divided by the internal classifier Returns the pulverized cavity once again, and the purified gas is discharged from the air blower. Characteristics of the laboratory small airflow pulverizer:

  (1) Small size, light weight, greatly reduced the volume reduction with weight, can be placed in a countertop compared to other types of pulverizations at the level, can be placed in a countertop, Users used in the laboratory are particularly convenient.

  (2) Design, the advantages of mechanical pulverization, air flow pulverization are integrated, and the ultra-high speed motor is equipped with a special shape of the blade, which greatly expands the pulverity of the smash, and adapts to the user's smash demand for multiple materials. .

  (3) Good safety, easy to clean, no need to filter, due to full-closed structure, operators are not directly in contact with the crushing room.

  (4) Good handling, low noise, the machine is a continuous feed, the power is turned on, and one can easily operate.

  (5) can be used continuously, with a strong air-cooled device, no use time limit.

  (6) No screen, the residue is very small, easy to clean.

  Laboratory small airflow crusher is suitable for all kinds of Chinese and Western drugs, pearls, Western medicine, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, tea, minerals, soil, food, coal, experimental raw materials, can be used as pharmaceutical research, cosmetics, internal medicine, surgery, ophthalmology, dermatology, etc.

  To reduce customer pre-investment, reduce project investment risks, improve product competitiveness, and ALPA provides customers with processing services to meet customers' diversification needs. Can be processed by battery materials, environmentally friendly desulfurization, building materials and solid waste, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, food / cosmetics / health products, fine chemicals, powder metallurgy, high-tech materials, and other materials.