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What exempts can be smashed in the air current crusher, with these factors

  According to the physical properties of graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite), the high-precision stream pulverization classifier is used to accurately control the grading particle size, and different models can be selected depending on the amount of consumption. According to the material characteristics, natural graphite can select the MQW series gas flow grinding, and the artificial graphite grading can select the FW series airflow classifier, spherical graphite shaping can be selected from the CSM series mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding.

  The airflow pulverizer is a kind of dry pulverization equipment, which is fine in the granular zui. Therefore, many people will ask, how much the airflow crusher can be smashed, generally, The pulverization of the gas current pulverizer is between 1,74 microns. But not to explain that it can reach 1 micron, but is affected by many factors, let's take a look.

  The airflow pulverizer is the kinetic energy of the high-speed airflow, allowing the particles to collide with each other, rubbing it. It has the characteristics of continuous, high production capacity and high automation. It can be applied in a variety of finely processed industries such as electronic materials, chemical, mining, metal powders.

  What extent can the airflow crushing machine? It has a relationship with the following factors:

  1, the initial fineness of the raw material, our airflow pulverizer generally requires the feed to 50 mesh or less.

  2, related to the physical properties of the material, the fluidity, the uniformity of the particles in the material is related. Some materials are fluidity, high impurities, high solvent content, can be blocked in the production process, this time you need to use special equipment, not all materials can be pulverized with standard equipment can achieve crushing fineness. .

  3, which is related to the pulverization pressure during the pulverization process, and some of the equipment feed pressure is greater than the pulverization pressure, and some equipment is larger than the feed pressure, and the particular material needs to be specifically designed.

  4, it is related to the speed of the feed, not all the material fluidity is very good, whether it is a screw feeding or vibrating feed, the addition process is a very important factor, some of which is very fine. It is difficult to add, at this time, it is necessary to use a dedicated personalized configuration to achieve the feed effect.

  5, then there is a relationship with the optimization of the airflow pulverizer, there are many manufacturers of airflow mills, but the same material is different, even if it is the same plant.The fineness of the different models of the home is also different, but according to experience, the effect of the device that is large in the relative pulverization is better than the small effect.

  6, there is a relationship with the skilled degree of operator, and some equipment is initiated to take a small pressure operation, and some are the operation of one step.

  The above can be seen that there is a lot of factors affecting the limit particle size of the airflow pulverizer, the most important of which is the physical properties of the feedstock, the better the raw material, the better and brittle, and the limit particle size can be achieved. For example, raw materials such as carbon powder, graphite, because of its brittleness, if the airflow pulverizer can easily obtain micrometer or even submicron fine powder. For many years, AlPa Powder Technology has always guided the manufacturing quality of industrial powders, and continues to precipitate, creating the processes, welding automation, and molding process standards. Professional manufacturing levels meet the pursuit of customers "safe, efficient and energy saving", so that every ALPA gas flow crusher has become the superiority of contributes.