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Learn more about the characteristics of the diamond gas flow crushing charter

  ALPA gas flow grinding closed negative pressure, low temperature crushing, high purity operation, no dust pollution, system discharge is less than 5 mg / m3. The pulverized chamber is equipped with an automatic slag device that automatically eliminates difficult particles and impurities in the material. The reunion material has a dispersion and dispersion. The air of the large flow means that cooling polishing can be used for thermal material processing, no deposition. Automation control, low noise, no dust pollution.

  Diamond's crushing has always been a major problem for processing companies, just because it is a hard raw material, it is very difficult to achieve a small size, and it is special The physical properties give the equipment to the equipment are also a cost loss that cannot be estimated. The diamonds have found appropriate processing equipment until the airflow pulverization charter appears.

  The airflow pulverization grading machine is a special pulverization mechanism that utilizes a high-speed air flow to drive the raw material to mike each other, shear, and friction. Diamond can reach very small size. Use wear-resistant lines inside the device to effectively prevent the raw material from being worn on the equipment when pulverization. Let's take a detailed understanding of those characteristics of the diamond gas flow pulverization classifier.

  less than 3 mm

  Production particle size:

  0.002-0.074 mm

  Production capacity:

  50-200 kg / h

  Applicable materials:

  Principles such as diamond, silicon carbide, corundum, boron nitride


  Ultrafine grinding machine


  Shandong Erpa



  Diamond gas flow pulverization grading machine equipment features: ◆ Professional fluid mechanics numerical simulation software calculates the most suitable flow field, the ideal pressure Distribution guide design, uniform flow field, stable;

  ◆ Break through particle acceleration technology, greatly improved pulverization efficiency,Reduce energy consumption, smashed; ◆ Material collision with each other, can process the material of Moh's hardness 1-10, product is not polluting;

  ◆ Our company's original end sealing technology (invention patent), Effectively ensures the level of grading;

  ◆ Original grading flow field technology, better pulverization efficiency and strict particle size distribution; particle size can be adjusted at any of 1-74 uM, the most detachabica micron level

  ◆ Full-sealing negative pressure operation, collector adopts new filter material, collect efficiency can reach 99.99%, no environmental pollution;

  ◆ Collector uses pulse automatic simulation mode, so that the equipment keeps long-term stable operation, out The granularity is stable;

  ◆ Adopt quick joint connection method, easy to remove and cleaning;

  ◆ Adopt PLC automatic control system, simple and convenient operation.

  ◆ Do not stop at any time, detect the particle size.

  Diamond gas flow pulveration grader manufacturer - Shandong Erfai Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shandong. Mianyang (China Science and Technology City), is committed to ultrafine comminution, precision grading, particle morphology control and other technologies With the development and manufacturing of equipment for more than 20 years, a group of experts who specialize in related research and experienced engineering technicians. The company has a good scale, technological equipment, advanced powder processing test base, can meet the requirements of different product particle size of users. Advanced powder detection centers include laser particle size test analyzers, electron microscopy, etc., which can meet the requirements of various powder particle size analysis. The company's first use of professional fluid mechanics software FLUEN to simulate the flow field of powder equipment, providing a reliable guarantee for the company's technological innovation, and can simulate the gas-solid two-phase flow field in the device for different product particle size requirements. Crushing and hierarchical parameters and flow parameters create conditions for special requirements for users.

  Currently, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things have been more and more fields, and AlPa Powder Technology is an industrial powder equipment manufacturer that has always adhered to technological innovation, in artificial intelligence and I have also explored the application of the Internet of Things.