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Activated carbon crushing can use MQL mechanical ultrafine pulverizer advantage

  It is especially suitable for pulverizing fibrous and belt materials with a certain grease. Its comprehensive performance has reached the international advanced level, and AlPa gas flow is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food (Example: Chinese medicine. Food. Chemical. Care. Roots. Radius. Corn, rice, pepper, pepper, oil wheat, soy, garlic , Octagonal, cinnamon, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn, dried ginger, garlic, sugar, sugar, food, shrimp skin, pumpkin powder, seasoning, etc.

  Activated carbon is used as an adaptive agent, catalyst, high value of investors in the industry, and is concerned with investors. In general, activated carbon needs to be used after pulverization, currently preparing activated carbon with MQL mechanical ultrafine pulverizer is a conventional manner, and the equipment has the advantage of low energy consumption, high yield, strong stability, and a mechanical type How the ultrafine pulverizer is running.

  The mechanical ultrafine pulverizer is moderately: the material is delivered from the feed device to the host pulverizing cavity, the material and the high speed rotary device and the particles are hit, collide, fro, cut, cut Cut, extruded and commissioned. The crushing material achieves the separation of coarse powder by the grading wheel, and the coarse powder flows into the pulverized chamber again, and the purified gas is discharged from the air blower.

  The mechanical ultrafine pulverizer is one of the ultrafine pulverized equipment, which is integrated with advanced grinding and grading technology, and the equipment has functions such as grinding, impact, shearing and dissipation, shaping. The unique pulverization mechanism determines its application range, powerful and multi-variable. Compared to the traditional coarse pulverizer, it can be smashed to 1500 mesh (8 microns); a single processing amount is greater.

  The MQL mechanical ultrafine pulverizer is one of the main equipment of Shandong El Pie. After many years of practical application, the MQL mechanical ultrafine pulverizer is not only used in the processing of activated carbon, but in other fields The advantage is more highlighted, such as: graphite, calcium carbonate (heavy calcium, light calcium), hard kaolin, talc, square album, gypsum, diatomite, silica grayite, heavy crystal stone, leaflite, aluminum hydroxide, etc. Ultrafine pulverization and dispersion of materials such as crushing and nanocalbonate, cerium oxide. In recent years, the attention of green environmental protection and sustainable development has been mentioned, whether it is Ningde era, or AlPa powder technology is constantly practicing sustainable development. . There is still no futureThe challenge, but as a large-scale enterprise with social responsibility, ALPA powder technology will continue to adhere to technological innovation, and join hands with partners to achieve economic benefits, environmental efficiency and social benefits.