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Phosphate is used in accordance with MQW airflow pulverizer more in line with user needs.

  Super-micro gas flow grinding is a more mature ultrafine pulverized device. Unlike other ultrafine pulverized devices, the principle of pulverization is to utilize high-speed airflows, and the energy generated by the nozzle mounted around the cavity, so that the material is intensely impact, collision, friction, and airflow to material. Under shear, pulverized into fine particles. Ultra-micro gas flow is widely used in ultrafine pulverization processing of powder drugs. Its production process continuous, large capacity, and high automation. Moreover, due to the small particle size of the processed product, the particle size distribution is narrow, the purity is high, the particulate activity is high, and the dispersibility is good, and is particularly suitable for the contaminated material that is not allowed to be contaminated.

  Phosphate powder is a very useful powder coating, whether in the car, or in the production of steel structure, or on the ship, it will be applied to it, it can be said that it is a coating industry to reduce costs. Ideal product. In the application of phosphate, the size of its particle size is of great significance for its utilization, and the MQW airflow pulverizer has become a power assistant for the preparation of phosphate, because of the high pulverity efficiency and fine particle size. Let's take a detailed introduction to the MQW airflow pulverizer.

  The MQW airflow pulverizer is one of the main equipment produced by El Pai, Shandong, which uses a high-speed airflow to drive the material, and friction between the raw material particles and the particles, granules. Mutual strike between the inner walls of the equipment, making the raw materials to be double pulverized, increase the pulverization efficiency, and therefore, the MQW airflow pulverizer can almost pulverize the raw material from the original size to the ultrafine powder in an instant.

  How does the MQW airflow milling machine run?

  1. The material is passed through the valve into the silo, and the spirals are fed into the grinding chamber; the air is sprayed into the abrasive chamber through the inverse nozzle into a fluidization.

  2. The accelerated material is mixed at each nozzle, here, the particles collide with each other, rubbed, cut and pulverized.

  3. The pulverized material is delivered from the rising airflow to the turbine ultrafine classifier, and the fine powder product is discharged through the exit, and the thicker particles return to the puller chamber along the wall continue to be pulverized, and the exhaust gas enters the dust collector.

  At present, the MQW airflow pulverizer has been used for many domestic phosphorus powder preparation manufacturers, excellent effects, stable equipment performance, good smashing efficiency, and has been well received by users, which can be seen using MQW airflow milling machine processing phosphorus Iron is very suitable. In addition to producing MQW airflow crusher, Shandong ElseaProduction FW airflow classifier, MQL mechanical impact grinding, FW inert gas protection pulverization unit, application field involves mineral production, chemical, metallurgy, battery new materials, new energy, rare earth, medical food, etc. Detection, 24-hour call consultation and other services.

  To reduce customer pre-investment, reduce project investment risks, improve product competitiveness, and ALPA provides customers with processing services to meet customers' diversification needs. Can be processed by battery materials, environmentally friendly desulfurization, building materials and solid waste, non-metallic mines, pharmaceuticals, food / cosmetics / health products, fine chemicals, powder metallurgy, high-tech materials, and other materials.