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Analysis of various equipment on finished product quality

  The machine has a comminuted host, a cyclone separator, a pulse dust box, and the like. The material is subjected to a pulverized chamber by the addition of the feed, and the high-speed rotating hard alloy blade is pulverized, and the pulverized fineness can adjust the distance from the hierarchy and the hierarchical disc to achieve the desired fineness, and the smash of the material is turned from heart and the fluid. The role enters the cyclone separator, and then the dust is discharged through the shutter, and the dust enters the pulse dust box and is filtered after filter cartridge. The machine is designed according to the "GMP" standard, all of which can be manufactured in 304 stainless steel materials, and there is no dust in the pulverization process.In the powder processing industry, the gas flow pulverizer is a kind of equipment with high appearance rate. Most of the powder materials need to rely on the processing of the gas flow pulverizer, and become more fine ultrafine powder to be Subsequent applications. Therefore, the importance of airflow pulverizer in powder processing industry is obvious. For airflow pulverizer, the quality of the powder finished product is an important factor in testing its qualified performance. Then, under the conditions, the quality of the finished product will affect the quality of the finished product, let's take a look.

  Air supply. This is the driving force for the fluidized bed airflow pulverizer pulverization process. The request for the tightening air can be between 0.7-0.8MPa, stick to the pressure fluctuation, even if there is shaking, but the frequency should not be too high, otherwise it affects the quality of the product. Secondly, the quality of the gas is clean, boring, and should stop the pollution disposal of the tightening air, put the water in the gas, the oil mist, so that the pulverized mineral material is not purified, special for the highly recommended material The crush request is higher.

  Raw material supply. It is used to add the raw material to the raw material storage with the feed valve, and then the feed valve is sent to the bulk chamber of the fluidized bed airflow pulverizer. This machine is strong, and the particle size of the material is strong, and we request 325 target raw materials. However, in theory, our investment in raw materials from 80 mesh 325 target mine products to stop processing also achieve good consequences. The raw material delivery machine is taken from the raw material to take the initiative to hold the raw materials and air mixing concentrations of the pulverized chamber, and we take this method to reach the ultrafine powder yield Zui. Crush and classify. The symmetric device of the pulverized interior has two pairs of nozzles. When the air flows through the nozzle, the supersonic airflow is constituted and the raw materials stop deceleration, colliding with each other in space, pulverizing the raw material into ultrafine powder, pulverizing the consequences and nozzle inner diameter, interval, symmetryAnd the mixed concentration of raw materials and air. The inner diameter of the nozzle resolutions It constitutes the ZUI speed, interval, and resolution raw material deceleration path of the sound. Can I arrive at the fantasy. Raw materials and air mix concentrations also affect product particle size and yield.

  The grading is stopped by a high-speed rotation. The classification wheel is fixed on the spindle of a circular "iron barrel" at the bottom of the direct-connected motor, and the motor is driven at high speed rotation, and the omnipotent pipe is collected and the micro-powder is absolute, and the necessary gap can not be too large, otherwise it will not The sorted coarse powder enters the fine powder from the gap to collect the zero-framed pipe, affecting the quality of the product, to avoid such things, stop the gas seal disposal at the gap. The border of the classification wheel has a blade, and the slit between the blades is a channel sorting fine powder. The pulverized fine powder floats with the gas flow, and the ultrafine powder is subjected to the slit of the blade, and the large particles are fed to the outer wall, and the splash is lowered after the granulation. . The speed of the tuning gear wheel can lose the product of different particle size.

  With regard to the mastery of mixed concentrations of the raw materials and air, the switch or sensor can be mastered with a capacitive material density. This machine applies graded wheel drive motor's current size, this master is complex, feasible, easy to master. When the material and air mixed concentration is added, the dust density floating with the gas stream is added, the dust of the hits the grading wheel is added, so that the current of the drive motor is added, and the current of the drive motor is reduced, the size of the motor current is applied, and the material is saved. How much, the mixed concentration of the material and air can be transferred to Zui, and the transfusion is stopped immediately, to reach the static balance of the powder and the amount of time to ensure the fluctuation of the mass product.

  Microfubo Collection Cracked Composition consists of a cyclone skull and dust collection. Ultra-fine powder passes through the sealing pipe into the cyclone, the airflow rotates in the cyclone space, decrease the ultrafine powder, and the discharge of the discharge of the discharge is the finished product. The cyclone can be used for primary or two. The airflow fluttered from the cyclone, there is a local dust into the dust collector. After the dust on the bag, the exhaust gas is extracted under the action of the guide fan, and the dust content is very small, in order to avoid the purification environment of these dust into the atmosphere. We also added a set of dust filters, recover dust, and exhausted into the atmosphere after the exhaust gas zui. After repeated detection of the environmental maintenance department, the dust of its discharge is much lower.Dust emission specification for the rules of environmental protection department in the country. All consumer processes are stopped by the masterpiece, master the cabinet supply all consumer motor (not included in the air source), can also master parameter adjustment, initiative to stop, active maintenance, problem alarm and active stop. Ensure the fluctuation of the equipment and quality of production.

  From the above, the quality of the airflow pulverizer will have an impact on a variety of factors. The user needs to be adjusted in accordance with the parameters designated by the manufacturer in the process of use. More about the airflow crusher, please pay attention to Shandong Erp.

  ALPA experimental workshop equipment, 3 sets of test processing equipment, experimental center subtraction detection and laboratory instrument, granularity, whiteness, density, specific surface area, image, etc., can also provide small Try, trial, big trial or even 1: 1 feeding experiment, experimental content includes various comminuted, grading, plastic, dry, modification, delivery, ammagnetic, etc., provides reliable development, design, and manufacturing Safe.