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Western ginseng powder gas flow pulverizer can effectively ensure pureness of raw materials

  Fluidized bed gas flow is widely used in various industries, continuously pulverized, can keep the purity of the pulverized product, short smashing time, simple structure, the fluidized bed of the after-sales, easy to operate, small area, low area Noise! ​​

  Western ginseng is a high-grade health care product that makes up not dry, both men and women. After the Xiyang ginseng after ultrafine crushing, the degree of cell breakage can be achieved, and the efficacy is more improved, it is also more susceptible to human body. However, during the process of powder, the equipment used is highly demanding, but also can reduce the western ginseng microclinate to 500 mesh, but also guarantee the pureness of the raw materials to prevent contamination. At present, the market can meet these requirements at the same time is a gas flow pulverizer. The equipment is a high-speed airflow to drive the raw material to collide with each other. The purpose of the pulverization is achieved, and the temperature is not generated during the pulverization, which is very suitable for the addition of such additions such as Western ginseng. A high-value Chinese medicine raw material. Here are the application of the airflow pulverizer in Chinese medicine.

  The airflow pulverizer is an apparatus for ultrafine pulverized dry materials with air separation, heavy polishing, shear. The application of the equipment in the field of traditional Chinese medicine has the following advantages:

  1, improve the quality of the finished product: through the cell level micro-pulverization, so that the pharmacodyne ingredients are fully released, the bioavailability is high; under the premise of ensuring the efficacy, it can reduce the medication Quantity; the quality of the finished product is stable and controllable.

  2. Improve the finished product grade: through cell grade micro-pulverization, combined with surface modification, particle design, composite or precision coating, etc., the development of traditional Chinese medicine dosage form towards miniaturization, precision and diversification Effective means are provided.

  3, reduce production costs: through cell grade micro-pulverization, it can improve the efficacy (reduced medication), simplify production process (reducing employment and equipment investment), reducing production costs.

  4, increase the sales of finished products: Since the quality of the finished product is stable and controllable, the efficacy is obvious, the product is small, the grade is high, the profit is very large, and sales will definitely increase.

  5, the added value of finished products: By improving finished product quality, improving grade, reducing cost and increase sales, making the finished product have a market competitiveness and high value, effectively reducing the micro-pulverization technology, craftsmanship of Sea source mechanical cell level And the risk of equipment is greatly shortened by investment recovery.

  Shandong Erfa production gas flow crusher has been used in the ultrafine pulverization of Western ginseng. It has mature technology and equipment. In many practical applications, Shandong Erfai airflow pulverizer has won high precision, high efficiency and high quality. User favors. Shandong Erpai provides free incoming experiments and testing, welcome to consult!

  ALPA provides customers with installation guidance services, after the equipment enters the field, the service engineer will go to the on-site guidance installation and provide system training for customer operators. During the practice of technicians, the training lecturers will continue to follow up the operational project to ensure that the project is organized, and the production line is stable and efficient.