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Airflow pulverizer is an important equipment for modern ultrafine processing

  Airflow grinding is very common among our lives, and whether it is the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical industry, metal industry, etc., we are all able to see the figure of gas flow, but according to the industry Different, gas flow mills used in various industries are also different.

  At present, the gas flow pulverizer has been well known is an important equipment for ultra-fine processing, especially in the processing of brittleness and hard materials, and can break the product to micron and even submicron. level. The airflow pulverizer is a high-speed airflow (300-500 / s) to impact, friction, friction, to achieve ultrafine pulverized equipment, this special pulverization mechanism makes it possible to have high precision, high efficiency, no warming.

  With the following advantages compared to other types of pulverizations: 1 product particle size is good. The average particle size (D50) of the material is typically 5 μm or less, and the particle size distribution is narrow. 2 High purity is high, especially for drugs such as drugs and other materials that are contaminated. 3 can be pulverized with low melting points and thermal materials. 4 The product is highly granulated and has good dispersibility. 5 Continuous production process, high production capacity and high automation. The current airflow pulverizer is divided into five types, namely: flat airflow pulverizer, O airflow pulverizer (circulating type), target airflow pulverizer, flushing airflow pulverizer, fluidized bed airflow pulverized.

  Fluidized bed airflow pulverizer is a gas flow pulverizer that is developing, is a collision, shear, and friction of a collision, shear, and friction of the inner wall between the particles and the inner wall of the pulverized cavity. Its main component is a cylindrical pulverizing chamber, arranged in a plurality of high-pressure working nozzles, injection feeders, finished traps, and the like of a certain angle on the jet ring and a pulverized chamber plane.

  This type of model is simple, easy to operate, and has a self-sufficient function, especially suitable for crushing of brittle soft materials. The product does not cause pollution, no temperature rise, and the extreme particle diameter is relatively high. Nanjing Chemical University's et al, the pulverization experiments of Al2O3 and SiO2 have shown that the limit particle diameter of Al2O3 is 4.8 μm, and the limit particle diameter of SiO2 is 3.5 μm. Li Ganchang, Changsha Mine Research Institute, etc., by setting a grading impeller in the central area and achieve a certain success. According to reports, the average particle diameter of the ultrafine zircon powder produced can reach 0.4 to 3 μm.

  Shandong EgyptThe production of gas flow crushers have been more than 20 years, with tens of thousands of successful cases, and rich research and development, production experience, have higher visibility in the industry. Shandong El Pai airflow pulverizer with high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and stability favorable users, the company provides free expedition experiments and testing, welcome to inquire 13061397961.

  ALPA's self-developed rice flour wet processing method won the national invention patent, the law subverts the traditional dry pulverization and wet processing process, reducing the amount of water supply, reducing rice nunction rate and starch damage rate, so that the product can maintain a good taste and The fragrance while reducing the environmental pollution.