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Baiyun mother batch crushing machine is more suitable for mechanical ultrafine pulverizer

  According to the physical properties of graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite), the high-precision stream pulverization classifier is used to accurately control the grading particle size, and different models can be selected depending on the amount of consumption. According to the material characteristics, natural graphite can select the MQW series gas flow grinding, and the artificial graphite grading can select the FW series airflow classifier, spherical graphite shaping can be selected from the CSM series mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding.

  Bai Yunmu is also called ordinary mica, potassium mica or mica, one of the mica minerals. White clouds are good electrical insulators and thermal insulators, and it can produce a large amount and therefore has important economic value. In the machining of Baiyin, refined pulverization is an indispensable process, and the ultrafine pulverizer needs to be used at this time. Nowadays, ultra-fine pulveroid shapes on the market, which is more suitable for white microbuties? Let's take a look.

  After multiple contrasts, the equipment that meets the batch of Baiyun batch is mechanically ultra-fine pulverizer, also called graded impact grinding. The equipment is high, and the pulverization fineness is uniform, the equipment is stable, and the energy consumption is low, which is unanimously recognized by many users.

  The mechanical ultrafine pulverizer is a hammer head, blade, a rod, or the like on a high-speed rotating rotary body, impacts the pulverized material, borrowing the impact of the material and the turning body, the high-speed flying material High-speed impact and rotary body with shear grinding of the stator or side wall, realizing the purpose of ultrafine pulverization of the material. It can be smashed into 200-3000 and freely regulate the particle size range. Yield can be as high as 5 tons hour.

  Shandong Erfa production mechanical ultrafine pulverizer has been universal in the processing of mica, and the equipment technology and technology are very mature, and it is the zui preferred equipment for mica ultrafine pulverization. Shandong Erpi provides free incoming experiments and testing, welcome to inquire!

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