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What industry is widely used in which industries in the gas flow crusher?

  Super-micro gas flow grinding is a huge contribution to human crushing, many families and companies have helped, solve the problem of pulverizing daily, with the development of pulverizer, ultra-microcarrier development, make more companies Further get rid of hard work and can borrow machines to replace manual and make more efficient and better effect.

  20 The World In 190s, with the unique nature of ultrafine powder and the discovery of ultrafine powder processing technology, ultrafine powder in the relevant fields of modern industrial and high-tech and new materials industry. Such as ceramics, ceramic glaze, microelectronics, feed, rubber and composite filler, lubricant and high temperature lubricant, fine abrasive and abrasive polishing agent, paper filler and coating, refractory materials, and moisturizing materials, cosmetics , Medical and health products, pesticides, veterinary drugs, etc. have been widely used. As a gas flow pulverizer for the equipment for machining ultrafine powder, it has also ushered in a huge development prospect.

  Airflow pulverizer is one of the common ultrafine pulverized equipment, which is the energy of high-speed airflow (300-500 m / s) or overheating steam (300-400 ° C), The particles produce an impact, collision, and friction to achieve ultrafine pulverized equipment. The upper limit of the product particle size depends with the solid content in the mixed gas stream, which is inversely compared with the unit energy. In addition to the particle size of the airflow, there is a narrow particle size, the particle surface is smooth, the particle shape is high, the purity is high, the active high dispersion Good characteristics. Since the compressed gas heat insulation expansion is generated during the pulverization process, it is also suitable for low melting point and ultrafine pulverization of the thermal material.

  At present, the airflow pulverizer for industrial applications mainly has the following types: the spray airflow pulverizer, a circular airflow pulverizer, a flat airflow pulverizer, and a vast gas flow pulverizer.

  Breakthrough by the crusher, grader, and granulation, coating, and decoration of the AlPA, breaking the foreign technical barriers, filled the domestic industry, big Promoted technical progress and industrial upgrading in the fields of medicine, food, chemical, minerals, new materials, solid waste treatment. He has won the Science and Technology Department "Technology SME Technology Innovation Fund", "Shandong Province's first batch of gazelle enterprises", "Shandong invisible champion enterprises", "high-tech enterprise","China Patent Shandong Star Enterprise" and other honorary titles.