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The most critical installation of airflow mill is to ensure its firmness

  Airflow grinding is very common among our lives, and whether it is the food industry or the pharmaceutical industry, metallurgical industry, metal industry, etc., we are all able to see the figure of gas flow, but according to the industry Different, gas flow mills used in various industries are also different.

  The airflow pulverizer is capable of multi-level classification machine, and produces a product to produce several particle size distribution segments. It has a larger feature that the machine has convenited and convenient, and the lumen is free. The full machine device system software is closed, small smoke, dust collector equipment, low noise, processing process cleaning environmental protection. This means that its great advantage is not only full of functions, but there is no smoke disclosure during all crushing. Guarantee the provisions of environmental protection.

  The applications in the various industries are usually more common, but although various industries can use the airflow pulverizer, many friends will not use the process. Correct operation, and no professional operation skills, not only cannot guarantee the effect of the air current crusher, but also cause a certain damage to the airflow mill, do you know how to use the airflow milling machine correctly?

  Airflow pulverizer manufacturer introduces that the use of gas flow crushers is very frequent in various plants, but it is not particularly strong in the factory, and the equipment is usually not particularly strong, but the airflow pulverizer is running The speed of work is faster, so there is a certain hidden danger without a strong installation.

  Airflow pulverizer tells us that the gas flow crusher is working by compressed air, while the material will collide with each other under the treatment of compressed air, so that each particle is in a motion state. If the airflow pulverizer does not have a good fix, the airflow pulverizer in the working state has the potential, so we must fasten the airflow milling machine when installing, can not let a little mistake, otherwise It will cause greater dangers.

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