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One article, you don't know the airflow pulverizer

  Inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier (nitrogen protection powder equipment), a special pulverization classification apparatus for manufacturing production is customized for various material requirements. Inert gas protection special airflow pulverization grading machine has: full closed circuit design, nitrogen protection isolate oxygen, high pulverized grading precision, uniform particle size distribution, and high yield.

  Based on the principle of pulverization of the airflow pulverizer, the ultra-fine pulverized equipment for realization of dry materials was achieved with high-speed airflow. It consists of a crushing nozzle, a hierarchical rotor, a helical feeder, and the like. Materials accelerate in high-speed airflows and repeatedly impact, collides, and achieves crushing effects in the intersection of the nozzle. The crushed material is classified by the division wheel, reaching the material of fineness, separated by a grading wheel, is collected by a cyclone separator and a trap, and the material that does not reach continues to return to the pulverizing chamber, until the requirements are reached. The heat generation of the pulverization process also generates noise, and the pulverizing chamber can be taken to cool down, and the muffler is installed, the muffler is mounted, and the device is treated, such as vibration damping pad.

  Improper tunnel adjustment, conveying pipe clogging, screen jamming, the powder bag is too short or poor breathable, and the hammer faces are severely worn, etc. can cause the feed port. When this phenomenon occurs, it should first take the reason, and then taking the exclusion measure, or adjust the damper to remove the clogging, or exchange the puzzle, increasing gas permeability, or replacing the hammer. When the bearing lubrication is poor, damaged or spindle bending, the rotor is severely imbalance, and the belt is in tightening the bearing heat. The bearing can return to the normal state by adding, replacing the lubricant, replacing the bearing, the spindle, balance rotor, and adjusts the belt looseness.

  During the blade cutting pulverization process of the airflow pulverizer, the rotor generates the high-speed airflow to rotate in the cutting direction of the blade, and the material accelerates in the airflow, and repeated shocks make the material simultaneously subjected to double pulverization and accelerate the pulverization rate of the material. The pulverized material enters the grading chamber with the airflow, and the particles are subjected to the centrifugal force generated by the hierarchical rotor due to the high speed of the hierarchical rotor, and the coarse particle returning the crushing chamber on the radial trails of the radius. The following fine particles are collected by the gas stream, and the gas is automatically discharged from the bulk dust. The airflow pulverizer is a new combination device, which is better than the traditional roller mill and mechanical pulverizer, which can replace import equipment.

  ALPA adheres to the philosophy of "fulfilling social responsibility, doing excellent corporate citizens", and a 1000 yuan public welfare fund will be donated by one unit, which is used to rescue children and difficult workers in mountainous poverty. Alpa adheres to this commitment from beginning to end to actually act. The development of the company is inseparable from the support of the government and the people, and actively undertakes social welfare responsibility is an important responsibility of enterprises. It is an important manifestation of enterprises to return to society and reward customers for a long time.