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Comparative comparison of ultrafine powder and ordinary powder town pain after transition of ultrafi

Comparative comparison of ultrafine powder and ordinary powder town pain after transition of ultrafine pulverizer

  Falling a new woman, also known as red, yin and yang tiger, golden hair three seven, etc., a dry roots of a new woman or a big drop of a new woman. The new woman has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, bacterius, anti-tumor, and anti-toxoid. It has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine drinking piece (Extensive) in traditional Chinese medicine, and has received a good clinical efficacy. At present, the traditional brewed seater of clinical use is mainly in the new woman, and the new women are routine.

  The ultra-fine powder made by the traditional Chinese medicine ultrafine pulverization mechanism has been used to compare the analgesic effect of the ultra-fine powder and ordinary powder.

  1. Preparation of drugs: a solution of the deciduous ultrafine powder and 0.5% of ordinary powder plus 0.5% of the CMC-NA solution were made into different concentrations of solutions.

  2. Hot plate method: Heat the constant temperature water tank to (55 ± 0.5) ° C, the bottom of the beaker contacts the water surface, after heating, as thermal stimulation, use a stopwatch to record the mouse auto-input hot plate to the time (s) of the licking (S) The pain threshold of the mouse was. When the ultrafine pulverizer works, the material that needs to be pulverized from the feed homper side of the side of the machine cover, relying on the grinding roller apparatus suspended on the main chamber frame, rotating around the vertical axis, while itself rotates, due to rotation The action of centrifugation, the grinding roller is swinging, tightly pressed into the mill, and the shovel shovel is sent between the mill and the abrasive ring, and the purpose of pulverizing the material is achieved due to rolling rolling of the grinding roller.

  The ultrafine pulverizer Zky series can be widely used in the ultrafine comminution demand for traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, biological, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical, chemical, ceramics. Especially for fibrotic, high toughness, such as Cordyceps, tea, Ganoderma lucidum, etc. is more perfect. The pain threshold of each mouse was measured before administration, and the hippers were removed, and the mice <30s of the mouse were qualified. After the screening of qualified mice were fasted for 12 hours (not water), it was randomly divided into 6 groups, the physiological saline (NS) blank control group was given 0.5 ml / 20g of saline; 0.5 ml / 20g of the United States. The pain threshold was measured 45min after administration, and the pain threshold was calculated according to the formula to increase the percentage.

  The results show that the ultra-fine powder and ordinary powders can significantly increase the pain threshold of mice (ThreshOLD) (P <0.01), wherein the ultrafine powder of two dose groups (2 g · kg-1, 1 g · kg-1) analgesic effect is significantly better than the common powder group (P <0.01).

  3. Twist method: 40 male mice, after 12 hours of fasting (do not ban water), randomly divided into 6 groups, groups and doses.

  When administered, 0.6% acetic acid was injected with 0.6% acetic acid 0.1 ml / 10g (pre-acetic acid), observed and recorded and recorded in a vine acid solution (Abdominal contraction concave) , Stretch the hind limbs, buttocks torsion). The results show that different doses of new women ultrafi powder and ordinary powder can significantly reduce the number of mice from mice caused by acetic acid (P <0.01), three dose groups (2g · kg-1, 1g · kg- 1, 0.5 g · kg-1) The effect is significantly stronger than the common powder group (P <0.01), and the effect of ultra-fine powder 0.25 g · kg-1 dose group is comparable to the ordinary powder group.

  Ultrafine pulverizer is a fine powder and ultrafine powder pulverization equipment, which is mainly suitable for medium, low hardness, humidity of less than 6%, and a non-flammable and explosive non-metallic material of the Moh's hardness is below 9. For any fibrous, high toughness, high hardness, or materials having a certain water rate can be adapted. The material of the cell wall and other spore plants, which are higher than 95%. At the same time, it is suitable for dry and wet crushing. Wet, water, alcohol or other liquid can be added thereto.