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What is the impact of the airflow crusher?

  The traditional Chinese herbal medicinal material is performed by gas flow, but also has the characteristics of processing non-pollution, maintaining the original chemical properties of the substance, and the characteristics of the powder shape, but can make the Chinese medicine materials have a unique small size effect, surface or interface effect. Wait, thereby exhibiting many excellent properties; the drug will have new advantages such as quantitative, easy to absorb, specificity, targeting when the drug is pulverized to 10 μm to 1 μm. It is more fully able to give full play to the effects of drugs, improve the efficacy, and reduce the economic burden of patients.

  Airflow pulverization technology is a rapid development of ultrafine pulverized technologies in recent years. Since the gas flow pulverizer has a large pulverized strength, the particle size of the pulverized particles, the distribution is narrow, and the product is small, and an inert gas can be used. Advantages have been widely used in medical, chemical raw materials and special powder preparation.

  Compared to other crushing equipment, the gas flow crushing equipment is low, the energy consumption is high, suitable for products with high machining requirements, and high added value. However, the effect of mill dimensions on pulverization efficiency makes the prospect of developing large airflow crushing equipment.

  The study shows that the power of the gas flow crusher will be greatly improved. The increase in the power of the gas flow, it depends on the magnification of the mill size, it is foreseeable that the airflow pulverizer is large, which will be the trend of future development.

  Shandong Erse specializes in the production of gas flow crushers, which is the technical advantage production base in China. It has large, medium and small airflow pulverizer equipment, including airflow classifier, hierarchical impact grinding, inert gas protection airflow pulverization Grading machine, etc., provide free experimental testing, welcome to consult! Shandong ALPA Powder Technology has always firmly convinced that the basis of the global brand is the improvement of product and service quality, and behind the quality of the quality is a fear of market. Under the line, from a single channel to multi-dimensional propagation, from China to overseas, Shandong AlPa powder technology has always been combined with dealers, the user's demand is centered, and the quality improvement is based on the construction of globalization. The powder equipment brand is a vision, continuously striding forward, and has achieved a new breakthrough, and a strong "Chinese voice" in the industrial powder equipment field.