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What is the performance characteristics of large air current pulverizer?

  The airflow grinding energy is low, the output is large: the unique pulverized cavity design, using the collaboration of the multi-work field, greatly improves the pulverization efficiency, the production demonstrates that the equipment has the lowest energy consumption, the largest production, and Compared with traditional gas flow, energy saving is 30%, and the yield is increased by more than 2 times.

  Airflow-based pulverization equipment is a comminuted apparatus in which the application range is widely used. The large airflow pulverizer equipment has a very good fineness in production, and it is possible to crush silicon carbide. , Metal, ore and other substances, and can also perform purity of ceramics, medicine, and biochemical products.

  We share the input gas from the ordinary air from ordinary air into the nitrogen used by ordinary air in this large airflow commissioning equipment in Shandong Er. The inert gas associated with carbon dioxide or the like can be well protected by this inert gas to the equipment. Similarly, due to the stability of this inert gas, we can target the flammable and explosive oxides. Stroke and pulverization processing of related materials.

  What kind of performance characteristics do you perform in large airflow crusher? This pulverization device adds a vertical pulverizer in the design and development of the vertical pulverizer. The particle size of the product can achieve adjustment between 3-150 microns, and can produce a good granular shape and a narrow product form. Such a device can cooperate with the airflow pulverizer to produce in series, which can produce a product of multiple particle segments at one time.

  Large airflow pulverization opportunities in detachment cleaning is more rapidly and more rapid, and the inner wall is smooth without dead angles than previous products.

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