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Airflow pulverizer selection screen is also a grading machine, one article unveiled the truth

  Laboratory small airflow grinding for the specific application of experimental equipment, the final effect has been included in the Chengdu University of Technology, Southwest University of Science and Technology, China Nuclear Industry Physics, China, China Weapon Industry, Xi'an 213, Guangzhou Non-ferrous metal research institute, Northwest Non-ferrous Metal Research Institute, Jilin University, Xi'an University of Technology, Xi'an University of Science and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Beijing Mining Research Center, Chemistry Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Oriental, Lanzhou University, Southwest Petroleum University, Xi'an Domestic colleges and universities such as Yuanfei Airlines, Nanjing University, Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Central South University, and the uniform recognition of scientific research units have also chosen small air flow grinding for industrial processing.

  Airflow pulverizer is also called jet milling or flowing, is a mechanical equipment that uses high-speed airflow or overheated steam to perform ultrafine pulverized mechanical equipment for solid materials, is one of the most important ultrafine pulverized equipment. . Relying on the inner grading function and with an external grading device, the gas flow pulverizer can process D97 = 3-5 μm powder products, and the output is from several tens of kilograms per hour. The gas flow pulverized products also have a narrow particle size distribution, smooth particle surface, particle shape, high purity, and high activity.

  The use of airflow pulverizer is getting more common, many people will only use, very small to buy the gas flow crusher, generally competing with the airflow pulverizer is often easily Ignore, Xiaobian said how to buy a gas flow crusher screen.

  When purchasing a gas flow crusher screen, you can consider the purchase yourself with arsented pulverizer product from different angles according to the actual needs.

  1. Select

  1 according to the pulverized raw material, and if it is a powder with oily and fibrous materials. For example, fried soybeans, dried chili, pepper;

  2, Chinese herbal medicine, etc., should be used with a turbine pulverizer;

  3, if it is a pulverized crystal. For example, sugar food additives, rice, etc. can be used with a grinding machine.

  Second, according to the pulverization fineness

  1. If the material only needs to be controlled to 20-120 mesh screen;

  2, if the material is powdered to 20-320, it is necessary to use It has a windpicity, no screening, and the particle size size is a non-sifted micrulicer that is adjusted as needed.

  Third,The airflow pulverizer is selected according to the production capacity

  The configuration and explanation of the general crusher is produced: kg / hour. Customers should choose the model size according to their actual needs. For example, the finer is the finer, the lower the production, the higher the fineness of the definiteness.

  Fourth, according to the discharge mode

  1, single machine;

  2, with dust box;

  3, cyclone dust removal automatic discharge;

  4, the method of negative pressure Material is transported into a cyclone separator and a bag dust collector. No dust, Yang Yang, improve the work environment, which is beneficial to the health of the operator.

  The grading device of the airflow pulverizer is a component for controlling the particle size distribution of the gas stream. By the grading device, the fine powder that meets the required fine powder is the final product, and the particles of fineness requirements are separated by the grading device, returned to grinding Crushing in the cavity. The grading device not only makes the particle size of the finished powder, the particle size distribution is compact, but also reduces the progression of the particles, which is important for improving the glue efficiency. ALPA powder technology has always adhered to the development concept of "we use the heart, only the airflow mill", adhering to the "quality first, service-oriented" concept, has been a breakthrough in technological innovation , Technology is developing as cornerstone, constantly improving efficiency and safety of gas flow crushers, is committed to providing customers with safer, energy-saving, environmentally friendly airflow mill products, creating more value for customers, and creates greater interests for employees , Do more responsibility for society.