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The quality of the laboratory airflow crusher is excellent, and it is applied to colleges and univer

  The pesticide raw material is subjected to a gas flow, and the powder particles can be subtracted to 5 to 10 μm or less, which significantly improve its uniformity, dispersibility, and the contact area of ​​the dosing. Strife, insecticidal and weeding effect are significantly enhanced, which greatly reduces the use of pesticides. Moreover, the ultrafine powder has a large surface area, strong adsorption capacity, and rain-resistant to the rain, thereby maintaining long-term pesticides. Accordingly, the ultrafine powder is accelerated due to surface activity in agricultural and sideline products and environments, so the amount of pesticide residues decreased, and pollution is reduced.

  The airflow pulverizer has launched more than 30 years. With the development of the times, the market has also put forward higher requirements for the airflow pulverizer, which is no longer limited to large-scale production, hoping to do not change their crushing To reduce the size of the device while the effect. Therefore, there is a birth of a small laboratory airflow pulverizer. Amazing is that the laboratory gas flow pulverizer is compared to other models, higher stability, more easy to operate, and covers a small area, and is applied to major institutions, research institutes, small batches. Very high evaluation.

  The principle of pulverization of the laboratory gas flow is to generate a negative pressure in the feed port when the compressed air generates a negative pressure in the feed port while the compressed air is applied by the feed nozzle. The straw enters the pulverized cavity, and the material enters the pulverized chamber to generate an ultrasonic air flow at a high speed movement, friction, and collide with each other when the compressed air is pulverized. The crushing material is directly inserted into the cyclone separator. Most of the finished products are collected here. The remaining small dust is recovered by the anti-stick pipe pipe into the trap, and the dust is collected into the atmosphere.

  The laboratory airflow pulverizer is a small laboratory equipment specialized in Erp, scientific research units, small laboratory equipment, small equipment, can be placed on a work desk or experimentation. Compact, convenient disassembly. El Pie's laboratory airflow pulverizer model is MQW-100, which provides free experiments and testing.

  The laboratory airflow pulverizer has many upgrades and improvements from the design and part combination, which has given us a lot of help. Its quality is excellent, but long-term do not care and repair, and it is also a decline. Check the running parts, electrical components, and transmission, once there is abnormality, please repair it, do not use the machine to use the machine to prevent accidents.

  ALPA powder technologyI always adhere to the development philosophy of "we use the heart, only the airflow crusher", adhering to the "quality first, service-oriented" concept, has been based on technological innovation, the technology is developed as cornerstone, and continuously improve the gas flow crushing machine. Efficiency and security, dedicated to providing customers with safer, energy-saving, environmentally friendly airflow mill products, creates more value for customers, to create greater benefits for employees, and greater responsibility for society.