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Ultra-micro gas flow crusher continues to innovate and develop to adapt to the pharmaceutical indust

  Airflow mill refers to a high-voltage gas generated by high pressure gases, causing material particles to collide with each other, or impacts the material particles and fixing plates to collide with a mechanical apparatus for pulverizing material purposes. Airflow milling can produce multiple particle size products at a time, with high dust intensity, less dust, low noise, convenient maintenance, simple operation, etc., is widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, ceramics, new materials, food and other industries Product pulveration field.

  The ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer is mainly composed of high-speed impact, and is composed of coarse, fine, wind conveyance, etc., so that the mutual impact, collision, and shear between materials and materials. Under the combination of friction, the crushing effect is achieved. With the continuous development of ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer, the pulverizer is also updated, and has improved as the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. At present, the ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer occupies a relatively significant share in the crush industry, and the ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer can meet the efficient and ultrafine demand of the powder.

  While the technology of ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer can meet the needs of the powder, the ultra-micro gas flow crusher should truly meet the higher the market, but the cattle must still From the market, continuous improvement of upgrading development equipment. Experts suggest that the development of ultra-micro gas flow crusher should start from the following points.

  Developed fine classification equipment and other supporting equipment with ultrafine pulverized equipment. It is understood that the closed-circuit process combined with superfine comminution and grading equipment can increase production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the particle size of the product. Large treatment, high-precision classification equipment is the key to the development of ultrafine pulverized technology. Therefore, drug engine enterprises need to innovate from the perspective of the entire process system, and improve and improve the auxiliary process equipment such as grading equipment, product delivery equipment based on the existing crushing equipment. The key to ultrafine crushing technology is equipment, Tianliheng said that it is important to develop new types of ultra-micro gas flow crusher equipment and corresponding classification equipment.

  Ultra-micro gas flow pulverizer equipment and process development integrated development. Ultra-micro gas flow crusher and grading equipment must adapt to specific material properties and product indicators, specifications models, without having to high-efficient equipment for any material. The ultra-micro gas flow crusher equipment upgrade should also pay attention to the requirements of the process, and the process continues to improve.

  Constantly innovating the development of multi-function ultra-micro gas flow crusher equipment. For example, the combination of ultrafine pulverization and drying, combining ultrafine pulverization and surface modification, mechanical chemical principles and ultrafine pulverization techniques can be expanded, and the application range of ultrafine pulverization techniques can be expanded.

  Development research and supermullary technology related particle size detection and control technology. Ultrafine pulverized particle size detection and control technology is one of the important conditions for achieving continuous production of ultrafine powder industrialization. The particle size test instrument and the measured control technology are closely related to ultrafine pulverization technology.

  Industry experts predict that my country's Chinese medicine will enter the high-speed development period in the next few years, and constantly integrate international development, this market will make better requirements for ultra-micro gas flow crusher equipment, future ultra-micro gas flow crusher The development space is good, but challenges and opportunities are also coexisting. So we should continue to work hard to innovate.

  Shandong Er Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously developed advanced technology in the past years, and the ultra-micro gas flow crusher in order to better meet the higher demand, but also be well received by users. We not only develop production of super-micro-gas flow crushers, but also provide traditional Chinese medicine crushing and processing, you are welcome to consult relevant business.

  Sincere cooperation, work together, Shandong ALPA powder technology and a number of well-known enterprises have not only provided a power for China's economic expansion, but also for the performance of Shandong ALPA powder technology. A bright. In the future, Shandong AlPa Powder Technology will continue to play its own advantages in the manufacturing field of industrial powder equipment, provide high quality powder equipment, laying a solid development of the cornerstone for more companies.