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The impact of the gas flow pulverizer and the amount of support amount on the finished product have

  Graphite negative electrode material (graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) Crusher special equipment, Shandong AlPa powder technology mainly consists of MQW airflow, FW airflow classification and CSM mechanical impact grinding series, targeting spherical graphite and artificial graphite characteristics Different, special pulverization grading equipment for custom manufacturing production. Products have: full-negative pressure design, high pulverization grading precision, particle size shaping, low energy consumption, small wear. It can be widely used in graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite) crushing and grading mass production.

  The airflow pulverizer is also a gas current pulverizer, a popular understanding of the working principle of the gas flow, means that the equipment is used with high-speed airflow, or the energy of thermal steam makes it crushed. Materials impact, collision, friction, and ultimately realize the smashing task in the machine. The airflow pulverizer is widely used in many industries because of its powerful functions, especially in fine processing, such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, foods.

  The feed rate of the gas flow pulverizer is extremely correlated with the particle concentration of the two-phase flow of the grinding chamber, and the amount of the particle holder is extremely low, and the gauge is low. The particle concentration is low, the particles have a high average kinetic energy, the particle size of the product may be fine; when the amount of the feed rate is high, the particle concentration has a high concentration, the collision chance is high, the collision impact strength is low. Reduce or increase in crushing rates. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the balance between the collision chances of the particles and the average movable energy of the car, select the optimum airflow pulverizer feed rate.

  The amount of gas flow pulverizer is "fish hook" curve with the median diameter of the product, i.e., there is a tube amount (range), so that the median diameter of the product particles is minimized.

  The above is provided by the airflow pulverizer manufacturer, Shandong Erp, Shandong Erp, specializing in the production of gas flow, is the domestic technical advantage production base, the production of large, medium and small airflow crusher equipment, including airflow grading Machine, graded impact grinding, inert gas protection airflow pulverization unit, free experimental test, welcome to consult!

  For many years, AlPa Powder Technology has always guided the manufacturing quality of industrial powders, and continues to precipitate, creating the processes, welding automation, and molding process standards. Professional manufacturing level meets the pursuit of customers "safe, efficient, energy saving", so that every AlThe PA airflow pulverizer has become the superiority of contributes.