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Airflow pulverizer ceramic liner can perform ultrapure ultrafine powder grinding, finished product

  Lithium electrode material special airflow pulverized grading equipment, Shandong AlPa mainly consists of three major products, more than ten series. Depending on the battery powder, the negative electrode material is different, the production capacity requirements are different from the application, and special equipment for manufacturing production is customized. The product has: high yield, uniform particle size distribution, good particle size. It can be widely used in battery powder positive material micron-level experiments and production.

  Shandong Erpa is a professional airflow crusher manufacturer. The airflow pulverizer will have some more obvious characteristics. The following focuses on the characteristics of the gas flow pulverizer in the work.

  The basic principle of the airflow pulverizer is to accelerate the compressed airflow to the ultrasonic air flow through the Laval nozzle, then inject the pulverized area, so that the object is fluidized. The ceramic lining pipe is made of high-tech production process - self-provisional high temperature clutch synthesis method. The tube consists of three layers of corundum ceramics, transition layer, and steel from the inner to the outside, and the ceramic layer is formed in a high temperature of 2,200 ° C (Al2O3) to form a strong bond through the transition layer with the steel pipe. So each of the particles crushed by this process have the same operating state. Airflow pulverizer is an important ultra-fine powder mill. The airflow pulverizer has been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, battery materials, metallurgical and other industries ultral pure ultrafine powder, especially those that are not allowed to be contaminated by metal. . The airflow pulverizer is characterized by the characteristics of crushing products. Product pulverity is not only particle size, but the particle size distribution is narrow, the surface of the particles has no bumps, the material is smooth, the density is high, and the dispersibility is good. Since this machine is in operation, the Joule-Tomson cooling effect of compressed gas is thermally expanded. So because of the characteristics of this product, it is also very suitable for some low melting materials.

  High-quality airflow pulverizer must be purchased to professional airflow pulverizer manufacturers to ensure the stability of its work. When it works, it is sprayed dry, oil-free compressed airflow or superheated steam in a certain manner at high speed. The gas stream will push the object at high speed through the high-speed jet, thereby causing collisions and friction in the motion. Then pulverized. The crushing product will follow the gas stream into the material grading area. The desired crushing product will be collected by the collector, and the remaining will continue to be crushed until the requirements that can be collected are met. Shandong El Pie Powder Technology Co., Ltd. is a gas flow pulverizer manufacturer integrating R & D, manufacturing and sales.Home, the company is equipped with a fully equipped prototype to test, welcome friends from all walks of life to come to consult.

  ALPA independently developed rice powder wet processing method won national invention patents, the method subverts traditional dry pulverization and wet processing process, greatly reduces water volume, reduces rice noodle loss rate and starch injury To maintain a good taste and aroma while reducing the environmental pollution.