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Airflow classifier is a precision sorting process used as high-end powder materials

  According to the physical properties of the battery powder, the physical properties of the negative electrode material, using different devices to perform pulverization grading to achieve the optimum output ratio. According to the large number of successful cases of many companies and battery powders, I use our battery powder special mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding (effectively reducing the use of production equipment) to achieve the effect of pulverization; for lithium batteries, The nickel-hydrogen battery specific material can be pulverized by fluidized bed. High purity requirements, anti-oxidation can be used with inert gas protection pulverization charters, isolated oxygen sealing production.

  We all know that the raw materials of a product are very important, because it determines the quality of the products that produces products, only materials that meet the production accuracy can produce qualified products. In our usual production, we often need to processes large blocks into the airflow classification machine to meet the requirements of small block materials.

  Talking about the airflow classifier, he is a grading system with whirlwind separator, dust collector, lead score and composition, producing centrifugal force to separate material, meet the particle size requirements under high speed operation The fine particles enter the cyclone separator or the dust collector by the grading wheel blade gap, and the thick particles are partially fine particles to fail.

  Airflow classifier is especially suitable for abrasive fine powder, silicon carbide fine powder, garnet micro powder, corundum micropowder, including non-minerals (such as marble, square almerase, dolomite, heavy crystal stone, limestone, kaolin, etc.), chemical (carbon black , Mica, etc.), metallurgy, pesticide, tobacco, feed and new materials (lithium iron phosphate, lithium tank, lithium manganate), etc. are low to medium and higher hardness materials. The machine features: no water, no water washing, complete dry, can obtain ultra-narrow particle size distribution, non-polluting abrasive fine powder. One level can be processed in accordance with the current standards of domestic and foreign standards (such as W63-W3.5, Japan standard Europe F, high-efficiency grading, strictly controlling pulverization technology, eliminating wear technology. Reliable seal, no leakage technology , Large particle control technology, fine powder extraction technology. Wear is small: the application of high sequentening turbine grace machine can be high purified, narrowly processed ultrafine powder, avoiding the wear of ordinary horizontal graders, under the same material, The service life of equipment and loss is equivalent to 20 times the international similar product. High grading accuracy: stable, complete grading flow field, and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles to ensure qualified productionGraphic size. The system fully enclosed a negative pressure, no dust pollution, noise is small. The equipment system is intelligent, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.

  The airflow classifier is a precision grading treatment of ultrafine powder, especially the precision grading treatment of high-end powder materials, and can provide high performance grading effects that other forms of grading equipment, greatly increase powder raw materials. Add value; there is a wide range of applications in metal and non-metallic fields. As a typical representative of the industrial powder equipment industry, ALPA Powder Technology With excellent products and services, the sales network covers more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and it is a powder equipment manufacturing. Commercial and service providers are welcome to users. With high quality products, perfect service, AlPa Powder Technology 2020 flowers in all walks of life.