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MQW airflow pulverizer has higher visibility in the battery industry

  The entire production line wire uses a full enclosed negative pressure, and the production site will never have dust and dust pollution. With PLC programming control, safety measures are multi-visual, parallel work, only one of the measures can effectively function, to eliminate safety hazards. In terms of security, the inert gas protection airflow pulverization classifier mainly has the following characteristics: isolation oxygen. In the process, the oxygen content tester continuously monitors the oxygen content in the airflow, and nitrogen is supplemented immediately when it exceeds some extent, so that the oxygen content is always maintained within the safety production standard. Control the gas powder concentration: The feeding system supporting the feature is fully closed, uniform, and is controlled by the control cabinet. Fully enclose the effect of isolating oxygen, uniform speed, controls the material concentration inside the added device, and can be arranged any. Timely release of static electricity and elimination of fire: Pulse anti-blow collector with carbon wire special filter material, can eliminate static electricity in time while ensuring pulse clear ash clean thoroughly. The equipment is all metal components, all grounded to try to release powder static electricity. Circulation cooling: explosion-proof dustproof, emergency stop.The battery material is the core of battery performance. At present, battery materials currently have lithium cobalt organte, lithium manganate, tri-material, lithium iron phosphate, and lithium titanate. The pulverization process of the electrode material is a very critical process. One of the commonly used pulverized devices is the airflow pulverizer, which utilizes the kinetic energy of the high-speed airflow, so that the particles collide with each other, rubbed, and has the continuous, production capacity, and automation. High characteristics. The machining advantages of the MQW gas flow pulverizer of Shandong Erphen are obvious. It has been shown that the MQW type gas flow pulverizer has high precision and high efficiency in raw materials such as iron phosphate and termer materials. The high purity is characterized, so the MQW airflow pulverizer has higher visibility in the industry, and user recognition is high.

  The MQW gas flow pulverizer is almost suitable for fine pulverization of all dry powder and has no pollution. This special pulverization concept is: the material is substantially ground through the grinding energy generated by the airflow, and the machine itself is not worn. At the same time, the MQW type gas flow pulverizer has built-in stereotypes to accommodate the fineness of the desired material. This ensures the flexible adjustment of various grinding parameters and the consistency of product quality. MQW gas flow pulverizer pulverized fineness is D97 MQW gas flow pulverizer in batteryFeatures in the processing:

  ● Regardless of the model size, only one grading wheel is used, ensuring the stability of the equipment <3µm-70 µm。

  ● Shandong Erfa alone has a hierarchical wheel structure, high efficiency, narrow particle size distribution

  ● Suitable for fine grinding of soft and hard materials

  ● The grading wheel protects the bearing by compressed air, no crude particles overflow

  ● completely self-grinding - no wear - no contamination

  ● Grinding The body temperature is thermostatic (20 ° C) through cold air, so it is also suitable for temperature sensitive products

  ● Easy to clean and maintain

  ● Equipment stable product repeatability

  ● Model models Diversity: anti-punching Type, airtight, inert gas.

  The MQW type gas flow pulverizer not only protrudes in battery material processing, but also widely used in ore, chemical, new energy, food, medicine and other fields, etc. Shandong Erpa is a source manufacturer specializing in the production of gas flow crushers, airflow grading machines, and its products are high in the industry. The company also provides free experiments and testing to provide users with ZUI big purchase guarantee.

  In the ultrafine pulverized laboratory of ALPA, there is a small test, a mound, small production ultrafine powder gas flow pulverizer, particle size detection, powder characteristic detection related instruments, It can accurately analyze the nature of different raw materials, provide 5G-50KG batch raw material processing, rich micropowder experience and professional crushing equipment can greatly reduce the demand-developing cycle, solve the various problems encountered during the raw material micronization process, welcome Friends needed to call us!