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The airflow classifier has stable shunt function and is very important in the industry.

  Airflow milling because the temperature does not rise, it is very low, the production cycle is also very short, the registration rate is also very high, the distribution of particles is uniform, and the gas flow grinding is gradually become pharmaceutical. In the process, the assistant is effective, according to a certain understanding, when the temperature of the work quality is constantly elevated, the flow rate of the gas will drive the speed of the flow rate, mainly in air as an example.

  Airflow classifier is suitable for fine grading of dry micron - based products, graded spherical, sheet-like, and irregular shaped particles, can also be pairs of different densities (units: g / cm3 or kg / m3) The particles are graded. The grade of grading has reached D97: 3 to 150 microns, and the product particle size is adjustable, and the variety replacement is extremely convenient. Airflow classification machine technology has a very important role in modern industries, and the airflow classifier has a stable shunt function, and the type of machine used for different particulate matter is also different.

  The airflow classifier mainly relies on the upward discharge of the helix to mechanize the object, which can grade different sizes of particulate powder. Airflow classifier manufacturer tells us that the airflow classifier has a simple structure, but its work is very reliable, and it is also very simple to operate. It is divided into particles to rely on solid particle size. To be graded, in general, the crude minerals are left in the bottom because of the weight of the weight, while more detailed minerals are floating in the water because of the weight of weight, thereby achieving the purpose of grading.

  In general, the airflow classifier is made of a cyclone separator, a dust collector, and a throttle, and the rapid rotating turbine can cause the thick material to separate, and the required particles will be separated by the blade. In or in the dust collector, the over-coarse particles do not meet the requirements will fall along the tile wall to the secondary tone, after the treatment of the secondary wind, make the thick uneven particles The separation achieves the purpose of grading.

  The above is brought to you by Shandong Erp, I hope to help you. Shandong Erphi specializes in producing airflow classifiers, is a production base with technical advantages in China, producing large, medium and small airflow milling equipment, including airflow pulverizer, graded impactGrinding, inert gas protection airflow pulverization unit, providing free experimental testing, welcome! ALPA adheres to the concept of "fulfilling social responsibility, excellent corporate citizen", and a 1,000 yuan public welfare fund will be donated for each sale of a special person to rescue children and difficult workers in the mountainous poverty. Alpa adheres to this commitment from beginning to end to actually act. The development of the company is inseparable from the support of the government and the people, and actively undertakes social welfare responsibility is an important responsibility of enterprises. It is an important manifestation of enterprises to return to society and reward customers for a long time.