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Principle of gas flow pulverizer

  Today, one of the airflow pulverizer suppliers will come to the principle of pulverizing the raw material with everyone. Ultrafine pulverizer is a fine powder and ultrafine powder pulverization equipment, which is mainly suitable for medium, low hardness, humidity of less than 6%, and a non-flammable and explosive non-metallic material of the Moh's hardness is below 9. For any fibrous, high toughness, high hardness, or materials having a certain water rate can be adapted. The material of the cell wall and other spore plants, which are higher than 95%. At the same time, it is suitable for dry and wet crushing. Wet, water, alcohol or other liquid can be added thereto. The ultrafine pulverizer Zky series can be widely used in the ultrafine comminution demand for traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, pesticide, biological, cosmetics, food, feed, chemical, chemical, ceramics. Especially for fibrotic, high toughness, such as Cordyceps, tea, Ganoderma lucidum, etc. is more perfect.

Principle of gas flow pulverizer

  The compressed air is accelerated from the supersonic nozzle of the fluidized bed, and the fluidized bed is entered into the fluidized bed, and the pulverizing cavity is formed in the fluidized bed pulverizer. The ultrafine pulverizer utilizes air separation, heavy polishing, and shear, the ultrafine manner is used to achieve a dry material ultrafine pulverized apparatus.

  It consists of a cylindrical crushed chamber, a polishing wheel, a polishing rail, a fan, a material collection system, and the like. The material enters the cylindrical pulverizing chamber by the feed opening, and is crushed by the polishing wheel that is circumferential movement along the grinding rail, and dissensibly. The material is entered into the fluidized bed pulverizer by the fding outlet. Under the driving flow, the material is collided with each other in the middle of the pulverized cavity and pulverized. The qualified fine powder is carried by the rising gas stream into the turbo grace machine enters the upper portion of the fluidized bed, and the classifier is graded after grading the qualified material into the cyclone collector.

  The thinner tail material is carried from the airflow into the bag dust collector (role: purification air), after filtration, the tail is filtered into the dust collector (effect: purify the air) The lower part of the discharge port, pure air is emptied. The airflow is pulverized, the host does not have any moving parts, and there is no motor and other transmission.

  The high pressure air generated by the air compressor instantly releases the airflow nozzle of the pulverizer to the interior of the crushing host, and there is no traditional "grinding" in the main unit, "grinding" The ball "," Irrab "and other crushing media (substances determined) are in contact with material, and the material is driven by high pressure air, and the interior of the pulverized host collides with each other, and the purpose of pulverization is achieved. The entire pulverization process does not have a traditional long-term pressure and friction, and the material is pulverized by itself, and the pulverization process is not available.Series, suitable for high hard, high purity, heat-sensitive materials, and there is no traditional equipment wear (a basic type of components fail). The above related websites related to airflow pulverizer and other related websites are provided by one of the airflow pulverizer suppliers!