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The advantages of the laboratory airflow pulverizer are low noise, small land, production

  According to the physical properties of graphite (natural graphite, artificial graphite, spherical graphite), the high-precision stream pulverization classifier is used to accurately control the grading particle size, and different models can be selected depending on the amount of consumption. According to the material characteristics, natural graphite can select the MQW series gas flow grinding, and the artificial graphite grading can select the FW series airflow classifier, spherical graphite shaping can be selected from the CSM series mechanical ultrafine pulverizer - graded impact grinding.

  The laboratory airflow pulverizer is actually a small-scale device of the airflow pulverizer, generally produced at 1-20 kg / h, suitable for small processing, laboratory, research units, colleges and other places, Shandong Yer The special production laboratory airflow pulverizer and provide free incoming experiments and testing.

  The working principle of the laboratory airflow pulverizer is that the material utilizes two-dimensional or three-dimensional set of airflow impact energy, and its airflow expansion The collision produced by a fluidized bed suspended tumbling, and the friction is pulverized, and the turbine grading device is driven by the negative pressure air flow, and the fine powder discharge machine is trapped from the whirlwind separator and the bag collector, coarse powder. Return to the pulverization zone by gravity settlement.

  The protruding advantage of the laboratory airflow pulverizer is that the noise is low, small, and the product is high (D97 can reach 3 ~ 10μm), the particle size distribution is narrow, the energy consumption is low, and the flat airflow pulverizer is about Can save 30% to 40%, high pulverization efficiency, using Al2O3, SiC and other materials to make easy mills, and produce products and high-purity products greater than 10.

  The unique design of the laboratory airflow pulverizer can extend the life of the grinding parts, especially suitable for high hardness, high purity materials crushing. Chemical, metallurgy, mine, building materials, daily chemicals, food, medicine, agriculture and The development of environmental protection and other industries will involve the application and production of powder.

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