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The airflow pulverizer has been verified by a large number of applications.

  Airflow mill, avoid impurities to the material, to ensure the fineness of the material. Do not use water, water wash, complete dry production, and a production completion of production can obtain better particle size distribution, non-polluting microfellow powder, and single number finished rate reached more than 75%. Complete, stable, uniform flow field control technology; the constant gas-solid concentration of the pulverized cavity is more than the design technology to ensure the system is stable for a long time; the reasonable flow field design and the wear part use special wear-resistant treatment, large reduction equipment Wear, extended service life, high level precision, more accurate cutting, lower speed, long service life.

  When the gas flow pulverizer is processed, the raw material powder is subjected to the speed of the microphoto (about 50 m / sec) by the spray tube into the flat cylindrical abrasive chamber in compressed air or nitrogen cutting direction, and the powder enters the abrasive chamber. The air flow of the helical motion around the tube accelerates to supersonic (300 m / s). When a slow-entered particles hit the crushing of the rapid movement, the effect of granules is reached. Due to the action of centrifugal force, the particles of large particles stay around the cavity wall and small particles particles are ejected from the gas. This special pulverization mechanism makes its finished product, high pulverization efficiency, and is highly recognized by the user.

  The pulverization technology of the airflow pulverizer is a large number of verification, and it is still very advantageous for the commissioning equipment on the market, and practicality is also very popular. Equipment, more than just enterprises can be used, even if there is a need for family, the airflow pulverizer is generally no sistered pulverizer, which is broad in the market.

  The airflow pulverizer is usually operated by a pulverized component plus a plurality of series-level devices, which is suitable for ultrafine pulverized materials, some of the precious pharmaceuticals and chemicals are needed, these particles It is very very small, sometimes there will be some other features, and there will be a lot of problems, but it is still a big advantage, and many product technology bottlenecks are broken.

  Currently, airflow pulverizer is applied to mineral production, chemical, building materials, batteries, new energy, new materials, rare earths, pharmaceuticals, food and other fields. Recently, as the demand for battery positive material is increasing, the airflow pulverizer once again exerts its high performance advantage, such as cobalt acid.Lithium manganate, lithium iron phosphate, lithium phosphate, ferrite, three-dimensional material, tetraned cobalt, carbonate, nickellate, and other materials are significant, and become an essential processing equipment.

  Market Solar Sand, based on benefits and quality, the customer stands to the heart, Shandong AlPa powder technology is continuously growing into energy-saving transformation upgrades in the field of industrial gas flow crushers, green Growing has brought more surprises.