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See how the airflow crusher is perfect to solve the dust crisis, Shandong Erp

  Industry analysts said that with the advancement of scientific and technological progress, manufacturing process improvement, my country's market on micro-powder and ultrafine powder is continuously improved, and the importance of gas flow grinding is increasingly prominent. The downstream application is constantly Expansion, the industry has a good prospect. At the same time, the application of high-performance materials and new materials has also made my country's market automation, intelligence, and high precision requirements in China, and upgrades to high-tech content to the inevitable trend of my country's gas flow grinding industry.

  Under the current environmental trend, the airflow pulverizer is a very favored processing equipment that many traditional Chinese medicine companies. In this regard, from the beginning of the design, the environmental protection of the airflow pulverizer was taken into account, and the airflow pulverizer developed by the feeder, pulverized chamber, cyclone collector, pulsed dust collector, air machine, control cabinet and other systems. The production line, can be produced continuously, the entire system is negatively closed, effectively preventing dust leakage, making the working environment dry clean, fully compliant with environmental standards.

  Currently using a gas flow pulverizer is a more common way, but there is a lot of security issues in the use process, and it has not attracted enough attention. It is not conducive to operation. Personal health and safety. Therefore, it is necessary to understand its working principle, find a safety hazard, and carry out safety protection and management work.

  The airflow pulverizer uses the pressure of compressed air by the supersonic nozzle mounted around the pulverizing chamber, and the high-speed airflow trajectory is formed in the pulverizing chamber. This supersonic jet is sprayed, so that the powder is hit, sheared, compressed, etc. The force of the force, the powder produces a fierce friction between the powder, and the external stress is greater than the internal stress of the particles itself, it can achieve the purpose of pulverization. The function of powder grading can be achieved due to centrifugal force in the pulverization chamber. According to the working principle and actual operation experience of the gas flow crusher, the main safety problem involved in the crushed sample is dust hazard.

  According to the relevant information, the pulverization limit of the gas flow pulverizer is about 0.5 μm. The reason is that the pulverization process is the result of the internal defect expansion of the powder particles under external force. In the beginning of the pulverization, the original microcracks inside the particles are expanded under stress, and the size of the crack is large, the required critical stress is small, and the crushing effect is most obvious. As the pulverization process progresses, the powder particles are getting worse, the cracks or structural defects inside the particles are getting smaller and smaller.The stress required for crack extension is getting larger, the pulverization is difficult, the pulverization efficiency is lowered, and the particle refinement trend has reached the limit.

  Therefore, the airflow pulverizer takes into account its environmental protection at the beginning of the design, and the airflow pulverizer has become the processing equipment for corporate zui, and today's environmental trend. The gas flow pulverizer is in the entire machine, it is in a fully closed state. There is almost no dust production during the production process, and there is no pollution in the workshop. There is no dust, which is fully compliant with the national environmental standards.

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