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What method can make the airflow pulverizer more energy efficient? Shandong Erpa

  Application of cosmetics in the daily chemical industry contains a large amount of solid powder, such as titanium white powder, calcium carbonate, gas flow milling technology to improve powder structure, improve powder structure, and product performance and product Quality has great improvement.

  If it is not pulverized, the application of most of the materials will be restricted. In the uneven pulverization mode, the airflow pulverizer has become a mainstream pulverization method with a small particle size, narrow particle size distribution, high purity, high particulate activity, and good dispersibility, and is particularly suitable for pulverized drugs, etc. What is the contaminated raw material, the gas flow crusher is more energy efficient?

  The principle of airflow pulverizer is to use high-speed airflow to cause the particles of the material itself to collide, and the airflow is hit by the material impact, the impact and shear of materials and other components. Cutting, etc., makes the material become more refined, and the particle size distribution is narrower. Although in some areas, the airflow pulverizer has an irreplaceable advantage, but it also has a shortage of headache, which is relatively high.

  The energy consumption problem of the airflow pulverizer, when promoting other crushing equipment, the probability will bring it together. However, this comparative method, it may become a past style today.

  The purpose is not directly achieved by various energy-saving means, but in the same installation power, the production increases by 15% -35%, and the increase in energy saving effect is achieved.

  Since the device belongs to the fluid bed on the hit gas flow pulverizer, the dispersion performance is thereon, and the particle size of the product can be adjusted any of 1-54 microns with a grading apparatus. At the same time, since the powder reef is the mutual impact collision between the particles, the wear caused by the equipment component is relatively small, with an integral ceramic liner, which can be used in the material of the powder reef hardness 9 or more, in the lithium battery material , Non-metallic mine, chemical, pharmaceutical, ink coating, powder metallurgy, electron, food, flame retardant material, ceramics, high molecular materials, etc. have a good application effect.

  In recent years, the attention of green environmental protection and sustainable development has been mentioned, whether it is Ningde era, or AlPa powder technology is constantly practicing sustainable development. . In the future, there is still an infinite challenge, but as aLarge companies that shoulder social responsibility, AlPa Powder Technology will continue to adhere to technological innovation, and join hands with partners to achieve unified development of economic benefits, environmental efficiency and social benefits.