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What is the characteristics of the airflow pulverizer and screen crusher?

  Small laboratory airflow milling, high precision: the most exclusive D50 = 0.3 microns, and the accuracy can be controlled at the maximum particle size of no more than 3 microns. Small noise: The main operating components are imported components such as bearings, air blowers, etc., and air compressors such as needle. Small floor area: It is integrated on a platform for about 1 meter, no more than 2 meters, and installs the mandrel wheel, movable and fixed. Easy to operate, easy to disassemble, easy to clean.The airflow pulverizer is suitable for ultra-fine pulverization of dry powder materials, and the impact particle size can reach 2.5 Mach, and the general material is easily smashed to 1-10 microns. The airflow pulverizer is more suitable for the dry hair of various raw materials of Mohshi hardness 9, especially in the case of high-toughness, high purity and high-efficiency raw materials.

  1. Airflow pulverizer and screen crusher, if it is proposed from the scale of use, what is the characteristics?

  Airflow fan machine and screen pulverizer, these two are in the range of crusher (category). The airflow pulverizer passes through the ordinary air of the gas source as a nitrogen, carbon dioxide gas, etc., which can make the unit become inert gas maintenance equipment, which is used to use the pulverized grade processing of materials such as flammable and explosive, easy oxidation. However, if you look at the size of the size, then the latter, that is, the screen pulverizer, its use is wide. Due to the airflow pulverizer, it is suspended in 5 mm, and there is a definite limit. 2. The amount of pulverization and disposal of the airflow pulverizer, what is related to what?

  The amount of pulverization and disposal of the airflow pulverizer, in these two, the coherence effect, the secondary, the secondary use of the pulverizer, and the Specifications models. Also, through these, it can be sure the value of the quantity of the gas flow pulverizer and the amount of the amount of the amount of time, so that it is suitable.

  3. If there is too little in the airflow mill, will there any effect? And, what is the collection of finished products?

  If the feed is too small in the airflow mill, then there will be adverse effects about the crusher itself. At least, it will decrease (reduce) crush quality and consequences. Because of the airflow pulverizer, it has passed the high-speed airflow to make the materialThe collision, thus reaching the crushing consequences, and the feed is too small, it is not possible to complete it. As for the collection of finished products in the pulverizer, it is done by the collection device.

  4. Airflow crusher particle size does not fluctuate (explanation: stable peace; there is no change), what is the detailed reason?

  If the airflow pulverizer particle size does not fluctuate (explained: stable peace; there is no change), then in detail, there are two, one is zero-cladding configuration (deploy) is unreasonable, or the loss of zero (LOSS) is too large, so that the finished product particle diameter is not fluctuated (explained: stable peace; there is no change). Second, it is a change in operation, but it is unreasonable or discomfort, it will lead to the above grades.

  The crushing process of the airflow pulverizer makes the impact of the raw material itself, unlike mechanical equipment to crush the impact of the raw materials by the tool head or hammer, so that the machine equipment is wear, the raw material is pure.

  ALPA experimental workshop equipment, 3 sets of test processing equipment, experimental center subtraction detection and laboratory instrument, granularity, whiteness, density, specific surface area, image, etc., can also provide small Try, trial, big trial or even 1: 1 feeding experiment, experimental content includes various comminuted, grading, plastic, dry, modification, delivery, ammagnetic, etc., provides reliable development, design, and manufacturing Safe.