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The intelligent development of airflow crusher is a general trend, still need to vigorously invest

  Airflow mill, avoid impurities to the material, to ensure the fineness of the material. Do not use water, water wash, complete dry production, and a production completion of production can obtain better particle size distribution, non-polluting microfellow powder, and single number finished rate reached more than 75%. Complete, stable, uniform flow field control technology; the constant gas-solid concentration of the pulverized cavity is more than the design technology to ensure the system is stable for a long time; the reasonable flow field design and the wear part use special wear-resistant treatment, large reduction equipment Wear, extended service life, high level precision, more accurate cutting, lower speed, long service life.

  The airflow pulverizer is generally common in the powder processing industry. Its main role is to smash the raw material from larger particles to micrometer super fine particles, and the gas flow pulverizer is integrated into the integration of pulverization and grading. Equipment, after crushing, the laying machine can be classified into a narrow particle size section of the finished product, and the finished product can be directly applied.

  The airflow pulverizer has developed in a very large industry, which must invest technology innovation to the development of new products. The footsteps of the airflow crusher market is huge, contact and absorbing new technologies. Should be increased. Many companies have studied in-depth research in the automation of the pulverizer, which can quickly speed up the degree of automation of the pulverizer. We only need a convenience of one-click operation, just like our car, let our operator use more smoothly, and great sense of superiority. However, we must see that the current airflow crusher is only in automation only in terms of manipulation, human-machine interaction, and it needs to be greatly improved in the intelligent design of the machine.

  The intelligent development of the airflow crusher is also very very very to start in design, production and other sections. If you say that automation can improve our operation very well. At the same time, it can also improve production efficiency and product production, so intelligent can significantly improve the machine in quality control, crushing material quality control, smart adjustment of smart adjustment, crusher self-coefficient detection adjustment, etc. Intelligent is the upgrading of automation, which requires advanced technology productivity, need to integrate computer, chip handling, etc., into the development of gas current pulverizer.

  Shandong Erfa in research and development, the road to produce gas flow crushers, deep tillage 20 years, accumulating deep technical experienceThere are more than 10,000 sets of equipment and production lines at home and abroad, and the Shandong Yuepai, so Shandong Yeli airflow crusher, airflow classifier, etc. has higher visibility in the market.

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