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When the cleaning of the airflow pulverizer is a habit, it can increase equipment

  Airflow mill tells us that the gas flow mill is still used in the industrial industry, such as flat air flow, other types of gas flow such as spray gas flow, fluidized bed gas flow grinding. Moreover, gas flow grinding is also widely used because gas flow mills themselves have more particular functions, which can save a large amount of manpower, and can also effectively improve labor efficiency, so the use of gas flowing is so common and wide.

  The airflow pulverizer is basically used for a long time. In the usual work, we are important for the maintenance of the airflow pulverizer, and regular maintenance can increase the life of the airflow crusher. Similarly, the airflow pulverizer is used, if we don't clean up in time, it will affect the next use efficiency, so the cleaning of the air current crusher is important.

  The airflow pulverizer current equipment can achieve smooth and smooth inner walls in the pulverizing cavity, but more small in the pulverization process, Tiny crushing is normal, or a smashing material, when we need to change to another material to smash, you need to make a cleanup work for the airflow crusher. The cleaning of the common gas flow pulverizer is mainly divided into two points:

  First, the cleaning of the airflow pulverizer cabin. The crushed material is smashed in the airflow pulverizer cabin, the cabin is a crushing, so the pulverization is the part we have to clean. The main fixing portion of the pulverized warehouse and the motor is on the cutter head in the cabin, cleaning the cutter head, we need to put the screws on the cutter with the wrench, remove the blade, remember to disconnect the power, the blade is taken down, smash the warehouse And the motor will be separated, we need to use the wrench and brush of the airflow crusher when cleaning. In the process of cleaning, in general, it is necessary to use water to clean. It is best not to use a cleaning agent. It can be cleaned with a more special material. It can be cleaned with cleaning, remember to clean it, and rinse it with water. , Then dry with dry rubber.

  Second, cleaning the remaining portion of the gas flow pulverizer. For example: airflow pulverizer cover and external screws, or cleaning of other parts, the cleaning of these places mainly uses a brush simple brush, and it is necessary to use water or wash essence to clean. After cleaning, you need to dry and dry it.

  The cleaning of the airflow pulverizer is important for the normal work of the airflow pulverizer. Cleaning can not only ensure the frequency of failure of the pulverizer, but also prolong the service life of the airflow pulverizer. So we use the pulverizer to make the cleaning pulverizer become a good habit.

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