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The airflow classifier is numerous, which can be used in a variety of industries.

  The critical speed of the temperature of the air flow grinding is 320m / s. When the temperature rises to 480 degrees, the kinetic energy is also in short increase of 150%, so it can improve the work and temperature is also very advantageous. Improve our crushing effect. Depending on the pressure of the work quality is the main parameters that generate jet or airflow, it is also the main parameters affecting the fineness of the pulverization.

  The application of the airflow classifier is getting wider, so can it be applied to what areas? Today we come together to understand.

  The applicable range of airflow classifiers are very wide, suitable for non-metallic mineral powder, abrasive microces, food, medicine, paper, chemical, building materials, metallurgy, new materials, electronic materials and other industries Fine powder dry grading.

  The airflow classifier is now widely used in various fields, we must understand which features of the airflow classifier:

  1. Wear small: high purity, ultra-narrow machining ultrafine powder, avoid Wear of the horizontal classification machine. Under the same material, the service life of the equipment is more than 5 times the ordinary classifier;

  2. Hierarchical precision: stable, complete grading flow field, and special sealing measures, reliably prevent leakage of crude particles The vertical turbine grading machine is circulated, ensuring qualified product particle size;

  3. Fully pressure operation, no dust pollution, equipment does not need to do the foundation, convenient for maintenance and maintenance;

  4. User needs options implement online detection, and achieve full-scale automatic unattended jobs.

  The airflow classifier does not have any moving parts, and the working medium is high pressure air. For classified machine hosts, running reliable, maintenance and maintenance is convenient. The adjustment of grading granularity at the time of airflow classifier is also very convenient, and only the flow meter and several gate valves disposed on the machine can easily adjust the grading particle size.

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